homophobes **** me off so badly. Why discriminate against someone just because they are attracted to people of the same sex. Its like discriminating against people who like the color blue...its just a preference. and it isn't like its contagious.
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I totally agree. Who cares as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else?

awww well bless your little heart. :D I didn't say I hated anyone :] I just can't stand when someone is judging someone for something so insignificant. and I'm not talking about the ones who simply "disagree with their beliefs". I'm talking about the ignorant folks who act like they are DISEASED people who say things like "ew I don't want that ****** near me." so please, don't jump on my *** about a comment that wasn't even harsh. Go troll elsewhere, please and thank you.

there r those who dont like people who r different from them, there r those who r close-minded, there r those who look 4 things 2 get offended about, and there r those who r just plain hateful.