Living In Homophobic Country

Good evening.

I'm a girl living in a very intolerant country which is in Europe.

Maybe because of the past our country's culture has been so low? Yes, I'm sure that this reason and lack of education in this sphere, is cause of one small intolerant country of homophobics.

Long long ago in SSRS times, homosexual people were treated as people with mental disease. However, nothing much has changed, most people here still thinks that homosexuality is an illness, something really disgusting or evil.

I can give you some examples:

~one teacher [here] was fired from his job because someone found out he was gay.
~we had first (and only, I guess) gay parade. Hundreds of policemen had to oversee it because there was even bigger crowd of angry and dangerous homophobics.

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5 Responses Jul 9, 2011

Nearly forty years ago when I was growing up, Ireland was a repressive society, where the Catholic Church almost ran the place, homosexuality was a big sin and never talked about. Recently I saw two guys romantically holding hands while walking through a shopping centre and nobody batted an eyelid. Same sex marriage will probably be introduced shortly. Most of the changes took place over in a little over a decade.
The nature of the world is that things always change. Hopefully where you live will change quickley, and the people will grow up.

Homophobia is a blight...

I wonder if in Islam where men dominate women and murder male gays, if this could be realted to gay women cannot join the conquebines?

Bleh, it's terrible... <br />
It's same as to believe that earth is flat and is held by 10 cockroaches. It's 21st century and things like this still happen.<br />
<br />
I've been in Egypt before, never knew about that fact.

That's so sad. I knew a gay guy that went to me church. We didn't know he was gay until high school because he didn't tell anyone other than his family. I do remember wondering why he didn't date girls or show much interest in the opposite sex. He switched to our church from a different church because his original church preached that homosexuality was a sin. Our church preached the same thing as the other church on paper but people were actually more accepting of it at my church than the other church. He now dates guys and seems more comfortable than before.