I Support Gay Pride!

One of my best friends in college was gay and he was one of the sweetest, resourceful, most innocent and kind people I've ever known! I was honoured when he asked me to help him come out to his parents and he even got married at a civil ceremony last year.

He was always laughing, or helping people and he just radiated positivity and happiness. I just don't understand how some idiots out there can think that there is anything wrong with that! How can being happy and confident in yourself be wrong and 'unnatural'? I don't think I know even one single straight person who is entiry happy with who they are, but I've known plenty of great gay men and women who learn to grow and appreciate themselves.

I think that takes a lot of balls to do and coming to terms with who you are isn't easy for anyone to do. Discrimination is a completely pointless and stupid waste of time. People hate what they do not understand or are jealous of, but there will never be a good enough excuse for homophobia!
Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
2 Responses May 23, 2012

Well said my friend!

I love what you have said! I don't see what homophobics have against the lgbt community, they need to get used to change!