What's the Point?

often, when i react to another person's homophobic remarks, people will say to me, "you're not gay, so why do you care?" while it's true that i'm not homosexual, i don't see why i shouldn't care. i've always looked at it like this: as a straight girl, if i'm in a relationship, i don't face discrimination. if i want to walk down the street holding my boyfriend's hand, i can do that and not think about the repercussions of it. if i decide to get married someday, i'll be free to do that. even if my family or friends didn't approve of my choice of partner for some reason, i wouldn't hear them say, "you can't get married. he's a man and you're a woman!"

knowing that i have this freedom, i only wish that that EVERYONE could share in it, regardless of their sexuality. no one should have to be afraid or anxious about showing love for their significant other because they happen to be the same sex. when i hear about the whole gay marriage "issue," all i can think is that there should be no issue at all. the couple getting married may be of the same gender, but other than that, there's really no difference between that and a "traditional" wedding. it's two people who love each other wanting to unite. everyone should have this right, regardless of where they live or whom they choose to spend their life with.

it just makes me sick to think of all the people who are alienated and discriminated against by homophobics in our society. to think that someone would be treated like that, all for loving another human being, is appalling. after all, what's more natural than love?

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I agree, and I'm glad to know that there are straight people who support our right to love. I can't stand how we receive so much hate. Humans should learn to love one another, regardless of their attractions towards other people. God does not want us to hate each other. He sent us on this Earth to teach each other new things and ways of life. He did not want us to murder our brothers and sisters.
Thank you, fellow sister. Your support means a lot.

I think homophobia is caused by latent repressed homosexuality.

I think homophobia is caused by latent repressed homosexuality.

I totally understand.<br />
My younger brother is a homophobe and he admits it, at least. But its just really anoying that he takes for granted the freedoms we're given and thinks that people in a sam-sex relationship are evil because of their life choice. I'm a writer and I sometimes write slash (thats male character a with male character b) and I know that I cannot say anything against it because I write it. I try to tell my brother to lay off that he doesn't have to be friends with them if he doesn't want too - he's just too judgemental sometimes and it annoys the hell out of me.

I always say those who are homophobic have sugar in their tank and wish to get it on with the same sex. CMONEY1959

there cannot be love between man and man ,women and women..this some sort of pshycological problem which can be cured..

lefthook<br />
sadly the above comments (4 of them? why? To emphasise your small minded, bigoted views, IlooklikeJesus. By the way, homosexual activity is actually very common in the animal kingdom. Try and think for yourself!) show that these people are still out there. They trawl round pages like these spreading their hate. <br />
Amyamillionaire, AIDS is not a plague sent from God, but from scientists' experiments with monkeys.<br />
runnagirrl, I totally agree. As a straight man, I have never had to face discrimination for displaying affection or love, and it is incomprehensible to me that others do. Although here in England, we now have civil partnerships, it is only when people do not have to face abuse that we will have evolved into a civil society.<br />

isn't it so wonderful that there r ppl who r so quick 2 judge others?

People can have a wide range of views about sexuality even if they have grown up exposed to the same ideas. While some people believe homosexuality is a valid lifestyle, others violently ob<x>ject. Some people believe that homosexuality is unnatural, others see it as a sin and have said that for gay men 'AIDS is a plague sent from God'.

I loath that too "you're not gay so why should you care"... love is love is love and why throw hate into the mix. Get over it and move on ppl!

wouldnt it b nice if every1 thinks like u

yes, they should!

absolutely, you guys! love is about the feelings you have for someone, not who you have the feelings for. thanks for your comments.

thankyou for your story! its supposed to be all about love isnt it? so why then are people so cruel?

thank you, i'm so glad to know you feel the same. i think the world would be a better place if more people realized that homophobia does affect all of us, even straight people. it may be through family or friends, or just realizing that there is such horrible discrimination in the world.

I completely agree.I have a bisexual fiend(a girl) and a homosexual friend (a boy) both are faced with laughs and stares.I feel bad and I am always there to defend them.Although I am straight I still feel offended when people make such remarks because of my friends.thank you for sharing this.its something everyone needs to hear.