I Understand.. But I Don't.

depending on the individual, sometimes i understand why people are homophobic. and it's usually just a general rule that people are afraid of what they don't know.

my feelings as a queer person, is that people who are afraid of LGBTQ people should meet one. face the fear. because almost always, they'll find out their wrong.

it's ok people, it's only love.

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the conversations are never over! :)

Queer is an umbrella term that a lot of people in the younger part of the gay community use to describe themselves. they've 'taken it back' so to speak.

i used to identify as a lesbian, and still do mostly, but i don't like that term because it's so.. final. so i've started to use 'queer' more often.

it's not considered a PC term. *I* might say i work with queer youth, but the PC way would be to say 'i work with LGBT or LGBTQ youth' not just 'queer'.

so in essence, it means the same thing, it just depends on how comfortable you are with it.

That as well. I was just talking about the "wiring" as in what drives you to be that. I know no homosexual or s7m member that really has a reason. They all tend to say its just the way I am wired. There is no fix to the "wiring problem" because nothing is wrong just certain people want/like certain things. Homosexuality Heterosexuality Sadomasicism Swingers are all sexuality choices that in the majority of cases the person is just that way. I wasn't making the comparison that the acts were the same but the reasoning/justification is the same. I hope I don't seem argumenative just trying to clarify my point.


its upside down cause I don't know how to make symbols so its an Aussie rainbow :)

well they could be considered similar in that they are not originally socially acceptable.

They are equal in the fact certain people are wired certain ways. To say otherwise goes against the whole homosexuality argument. People in S&M are into because that is the way they are wired they like being tied up or spanked.

Much like a fan of FPS and a fan of rps are the same. Video games both make them happy. The type of game is diffrent but it is still a choice that plays alot into how the person is wired. I understand what you are saying about them being diffrent types of lifestyles what I was talking about was the pschological/emotional reasoning behind the choice which has nothing to do with upbringing enviorment or culture its just that some people are wired for fps's and some for rpg's. And no offense :)

i dont mean to offend anyone, but Homosexuality is not equal to S&m swingers, s&m, swingers and homosexuality is 3 different things....they might overlap but not equal....

i wish i know why people have homophobia, maybe i m bi so never know or understand...

well this topic use to be one I supported before I found out my wife is bisexual and I had to come out of the closest on supporting gay rights in what I thought to be a very hostile enviorment the U.S. Marine Corps, but most Marines are of the mentality hey if I tell him I am not into it and he doesn't try it I could care less.

Now that my wife is Bi though and we are thinking of having a kinda polygamous relationship ( I want her to be happy and I can't give her everything she needs but any girl she is with seriously will have to be committed to both of us more on it in the polygamy exp) I realize fire of all these are rights I must fight for, for the sake of my wife. Secondly it really helps us out on the polygamy case if the courts decide anything between two consenting adults is just that between two consenting adults and is no one elses buisness. Unfortunatley have a stigma to fight on the second one thanks to some fundamentalist pedafiles in the south west.

well put, karalas :]

Love would like to offer my opinion on that. In the military most individuals are ok with gays but when you get them into the mob they are afraid to show they are diffrent. In alot of ways they are coming out of the closest to say there is nothing wrong with gays. I know personaly I took a lot of **** for having no problems with gays but in private over half the people would tell me hey its not like I have anything wrong with them just you know everybody was there. I think if the movement was based off of the opinions of the individual instead of the mob the fight would already be over.

you're welcome. i was just afraid you thought i was just shoving it off. :P

i mean i think that there are lots of people who are against and a lot who aren't. i mean, i don't have statistics in front of me and it's not really possible to have an accurate count of who is for and against.

i think that a good number of people commented on my story so far.. although, i'm not sure if you're referring to stories in the group or comments on my story.

when it comes down to it, i think *mainstream* society does ok. maybe just not enough people have stumbled upon it yet.

i think that that's a very loaded question and it's yes and no all around.

that's a rainbow. btw.

i know.

but it's ok. i'm a happy gay and that's all that matters.



[that means ohmygay]


i can't help that i *LOVE* being a lesbian.

seriously. i'm the happiest lesbian ever.

that means i'm the gayest lesbian ever.


oh.. my.

Cel, you OK?

Oh, I'm just trying to cause trouble, Unafraid One. I'm a little in awe of the gay rights movement and I'm a benefactor of it, as well. They've moved mountains in terms of facing down intolerance and replacing it with acceptance. A lot of brave, brave people did that heavy lifting. My girlfriend and I get to live in relative peace except for the occasional tax law inequity or hospital visitation insanity.

But meanwhile I'm a smartass who hates labels so I thought I'd jump in and mouth off.

or maybe i'll just keep it.. because it made it move instead of posting two. and then i saw 4 comments i didn't see before.


Glad to know it's not just me! Figured it was the swishy side effects.

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i'll delete it and now you just know what i mean. :P

You're right, Loveis. That's why I just say 'swishy'.

basically a lot of younger LGBT people decided to take it back.

I am straight but this type of intolerance is unacceptable anytihng between two or more consenting human adults is no one elses buisness. Homosexuality is just like s&m swingers or certain polygamies. It is between consenting adults done safley and brings no harm to anyone outside of the circle.

It doesn't matter if any of it is "moraly" wrong or not. After all judge not and love thy neighbor right? Might help that my wife is a BP bieixual poly and I am a P but hey felt this way before my wife and I realized we were the way we are.

it's cause you're a big ol' homo lover, dot. ;]


[were you sober enough to remember that part of the night?]

thank you for your input, weirdcolor :]

I'm heterosexual and happy being so, but I agree with you. It's okay, it's only Love.

it's the umbrella term for gay people.

LGBTQ=Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer

from wikipedia:

"The initialism LGBT (also GLBT) is in use (since the 1990s) to refer collectively to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people. The acronym is an adaptation of the initial LGB. In modern use, the acronym relates the diversity of the Gay culture.

Many variants exist. The most commonly used involve adding a Q for queer or questioning (some variants, in fact, use two Qs to represent both of these groups), an A for asexual or allies (and sometimes 'S' for straight ally), a T for two spirit, an I for intersex, or a P for pansexual or polyamorous. Some even add an O for omnisexual or other."

you can find out more here:

What is LGBTQ?