That Is Totally Unfair :(

I am shocked with the hostage taking that happened recently in our country. That was terrible. They don't deserve such kind of death.

And now, as an effect, the HK government have black listed us for their outbound travel. And so, the governments of Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Iran, Pakistan and Russia also issued alert orders against travel to our country.

We're not discriminating Chinese in our nation. If I can die with the tourists that time, I certainly will. Just to prove to all of you that there's no discrimination here. Chinese have been a part of our country. There are Chinese towns here, even Koreans. They have influenced us in trade, food, business. They have been a part of our nation.

How's the other Filipinos who are merely depending their livelihood on tourists like you? And businessmen from different nation?

Aww.. You're depriving my fellowmen to live! Do we all have to suffer because of those travel ban and bad reputation?

This is not a battle against the Filipinos and the Chinese. This is not a nation to nation war. We sincerely mourn of those who died in the incident. We are sincerely expressing our condolences for the families of the victims.

I salute Mr. Jackie Chan for stating his opinion about this. (I love you Jackie ^^,)

I'm still worried about my fellowmen in Hong Kong, specifically those who were working as domestic helpers. There were some reports that their masters are venting their anger against the Filipinos workers. Some had complained of being threatened or harassed. There's also a report that a Filipino worker was terminated from the job because of the incident. And under the Hong Kong labour law, helpers can be sacked without explanation

It shouldn't be. Millions of Filipinos should not suffer because of what others wrongfully did. They don't deserve such treatment. They are working you, not serving as slaves. That is totally unfair.

Slowly killing millions of Filipinos is worse than Chinese who were killed in the tragedy.
dazzlingeyes dazzlingeyes
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2010