Nither Do I

im mexican ive been hated on alot specially by white people i have no grudges against them tho i just dont understand them O_o
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Yeah, we white people are all alike, right?

fear<br />
and it some places the gangs or the drug dealers have brought a bad name to all no matter what they do i konw manythat are very hard working but i also have seen mnay that are the same as white trash<br />
<br />
but here we have 2 set of rules and that make it worst if you are white you have to have proof on insurances in to are from a different county south of us they can not ask you that question

thats the attitute people shouldnt mind other's creed color or background as long as they r good persons u got it shangem !!!!<br />
i wish more people thought like u do :D

yeah i dont get it most people hate Mexicans cuz they think we r invading "their" country which is dumb<br />
first of all the country doesn't belong to anybody the fact u were not born in america doesn't mean that u cant live in it and second we r just trying to have a better life...... as any human being we look for better opportunities to have a better life and thats why most of us migrate its not cuz we wanna take over the word or anything......

It doesn't make sense to me either. I have a friend that hates people from Mexico too. He's a cool guy and everything, but I just don't understand why thinks the way he does. I also know someone who hates Arabic people because he seems to think they are all terrorists.