As much as others claim to not be racists, a large percentage of them contradict themselves. For instance, a phrase that is constantly directed towards me: "You're so quiet for a black person. They are usually loud and obnoxious." We mark and label others without thinking about it. Could there be levels of racism?
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1 Response Oct 20, 2011

There are definitely levels of racism. There are people who are quiet about it; closet racists, and there are those who don't care who they offend, and in general, don't care about anyone but themselves. I don't really understand racism. It shouldn't matter what color skin you have, and most racism isn't about race. Like you said, people said you are quiet for a black person. But that is probably because the black people they have encountered are loud, but that may not be a race thing, it could be their neighborhood, or area, or maybe even their family. My family is loud and obnoxious for example. It's about personalities, not color. Racism = Ignorance.