Prisoner In My Own Home Since 1995, Just Because I Am a Coloured Man


My story is a long and sad one, in that since the 23rd of March 1995, I have not been able to leave my house, a prisoner in my own home as it were, because of the Police.  I can assure you that I have never done anything wrong in my life; my only crime, as far as the Police are concerned, is that I have been born a coloured man.  I shudder to think what will happen to me, physically and mentally, if for the rest of my life I cannot go out at all; but there does not seem there is anything I can do about it.


Now, no one can choose where he or she should be born, in what country, what nationality, in what colour, and whether to come into this world as a male or a female.  It just happens, just like there are flowers and trees scattered at random, all the over the world, in different shapes and colours – some would say, created by the God of the Universe.


Be it as it may, the fact is, we cannot choose when and where we are born.  And yet, we are severely criticized by many people and by the Police in England to have been unfortunate in being born a black or coloured man.  The Police, especially, judge us as criminals, and indeed insist of treat us as such, on no other evidence, but on the colour of our skin.


Some years ago, the Police in London but an Article in the Newspapers saying that most crimes are committed by the Black people.  That may be so, but even if it is so, it is not conceivable that every single black or coloured person are criminals.  That would not be logical.  I cannot but think that there good and people in every race on earth.


Well, the reason that I have not been able to go out any more since the 23rd of March 1995, is because I was arrested by the Police and locked up for five hours in a cell on my own, on the 22nd of March 1995, sitting in my car, waiting for the time go to the school to collect my two children., on totally false and preposterous allegations.


The Police asked me what I was doing there; I told them that I was about to go to the school to collect my two children – they told me that I was lying.  They then asked me why I was “staring at these houses”, for on other reason than I was sitting in my car with my eyes opened.  I told them that I was not staring at any houses, but I was waiting to go to the school to collect my children from school.  They said that I was lying and kept on and on asking me the same question.


They asked me for my name and address:  I gave them my driving licence, they said that I was lying and that the licence was a fake.  They said that I had stolen the car I was in, refusing to check on it.


I then asked them to accompany me to the school, where I would have been identified immediately by the Headmaster of the school and by some other teachers.  They refused, saying that I was lying.


They then phoned up and soon, a police van came and out came about 6 policemen, who surrounded and held me.


By that time, the school day has ended, and the boys not seeing me at the school where I usually met them, came into the street where they knew I parked the car every day.  They came and stood in front of the police and I.  Seeing that I was being held by at least 6 policemen, they got scared and called “papa, papa”, loud enough for the police to hear.  I told the police they were my children I was about to collect from school.  They told me that I was lying and had to be arrested.


They handcuffed me, pushed me in the police car with violence, and drove off, leaving the children on the pavement, scared, sobbing and not knowing what to do and  where to go.


The took me to the police station and locked me up in a cell for five hours.  After the five yours, they released me, gave me my car keys back and told me that I could go, with no explanation.


I then went back to the street where the children were still waiting for me, and took them in the car and drove home. 


The children, still very young, could have been kidnapped or have an accident trying to cross the road, but the police did not care.


When I got home, I made several telephone calls to the local police station and to Scotland Yard, and they told me that there is nothing they could do.  I then rang numerous solicitors, but no one wanted to know.


So, the next day I could not go out again, for fear of getting arrested again, so the children could not go to school, having no one to take them.  My wife worked full time and had to go to work.


For a month the children could not go to school, as I would not take them.  In the meantime, I contacted the Police Complaints Authority and they said that there is nothing they could do; it was up to the Police.


I continued to write to hundreds of Solicitors, but no one wanted to know.


I kept on writing letter of complaints to the local police; finally, they said that they had made a full investigation of my complaints, and confirmed that I had to be arrested.  But they refused to prosecute me.  They were full aware that I was there, on that day, to collect my two sons from school, and they confirmed that I had to be arrested.  By refusing me the right to defend myself in a Court of Law, the Police could do anything they want with me and there is nothing my family or I can do about it.


That is why I cannot go out of my house anymore.  If I do go out again, they can arrest me and lock me up again, and there is nothing I can do about it.


I have contacted the Home Secretary as well as my local MP, but they can only say that there is nothing they can do. 


As you can see, the Police in England, can do anything they want to anyone, even someone who is totally innocent of any crime and there is nothing anyone can do about it.


I shudder to think what will happen to me if for the rest of my life, physically and mentally, but there is nothing I can do about it.


Stuck in my house, all day, all year round, feeling terribly frustrated and lonely, I am still trying to find some pen pals.


If there is anyone who care enough to care at all, I would appreciate it if anyone would write to me on my email address and be my pen pal.  My email address is:


France Chorley

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3 Responses Mar 22, 2007

This story stinks of BS. I think you're paranoid and delusional. Why would the police want to waste their time keeping you locked inside your home? <br />
<br />
I think they've got better things to do. Even if they are racist - you're just not that important.

I don’t think that because we are in the 20th Century, every one in this world have changed their views and opinions about the black and coloured people – there are still in the world people who think that black and coloured people are inferior to the white people. In England, the Police still think that all black and coloured people are criminals. Will they every change? I doubt it.<br />
<br />
Well, since this happened, I have contacted hundreds, perhaps thousands of Solicitors all over England to try and get this matter to the Courts, but sadly no one has given a damn. Perhaps they know that this country is nothing but a Totalitarian Regime in disguise and there is no way I can take the matter to the Courts.<br />
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Thank you very much indeed for your kind words and good wishes.<br />
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This does not surprise me at all. It's 2007, I would think that we have gotten over our ignorance by now.<br />
Some people will do anything to thin out the crowd and make room for themselves. Look, you got out of their way by staying home. This is sad because I'd rather bump in to you than them, but your at home hiding, and I don't blame you. I am grateful that I am not in your position. I see colored mothers in our neighborhood. They keep to themselves, but when I say hi, they'll chat a bit. But I can tell there's a trust issue there. Probably because they've been burned so many times. I don't think I'd be strong enough to be them. I wish the best for you and your family. Have you thought about a mental anguish lawsuit. This would teach your children that they don't have to tolerate injustice from any one.