I Want To Rise Above The Hate

I look all around me and all I see is hate. Where does it all come from? What makes a person better than another? If I am white and you are darker skin; does that make me a better person? I I do not have a nice complexion, more handsome, and prettier than someone else does that make me a better person. If I a size smaller than you am I a better person because of my outward appearance.

No we are not a better person, because the color of our skin, how much we weigh, what we look like, or what status we have in life. It is what is on our hearts that make a difference. I have seen beautiful and handsome commit suicide and commit murder because they were bullied. I do understand.

I was raised in foster homes, and I have terrible acne. Many people say I look and act like Mr. Bean. Wherever, I go I deal with this. I refused to hate others. You see if I make fun of you because of how others treat me, how does that make me a better person? If I attack others, probably the others did not ever do anything to me.

I come here to help and to understand. I do not judge you but I look for common ground in which we can understand one another. I do not care what you look like, what you have done, what you are like, I don't care of your sexual orientation, I am not going to hate you. I am going to find a way to understand you, to empathize with you. I am going to love you for who you are, I am going to rise above the hate!
MandyzYouthPastor MandyzYouthPastor
46-50, M
May 5, 2012