Sorry, This Is More Of A Rant

My boyfriend recently broke up with me. I was heartbroken, but found a way to cope. Most of his family is racist, especially towards blacks. The majority of his family however jokingly made racist remarks so I never took it to heart. But now that we're no longer together I've come to see peoples true colors. His older brother, a wannabe cop, recently posted comments about me being a n-word on facebook. Usually I wouldn't care. But seeing as I've never said an ill word to his face (trust me there's alot of horrible things I could say about this guy and his laziness and unbrazened sense of importance...oops I'm getting started) but I've done nothing personally to him that would warrent him to say anything. I figured he might have just meant to call me ignorant, until he went off saying how his brother should find himself a 'good, kind energetic white woman'. Trust me I have nothing against other races, truly I don't. But really man, really? I could see from the stand point of trying to make your brother feel better but when my ex even says 'dude don't call her that' then you need to apologize, not blame Jerry Springer you ****.
XxemocheerxX XxemocheerxX
May 9, 2012