I Truly Do Not.  I Do Not...

I truly do not.  I do not understand how skin can automatically make someone inferior to you.  It's unthinkable, it's ludicrous.  Really, people of every colour, of every ethnicity, of every race are beautiful.  We are all beautiful and I wish that everyone could just stop putting eachother down.  We are all here on planet Earth together and we have to see that, inside, we all have beating, feeling hearts.  Exterior differences mean nothing, we have to somehow see that.  I don't understand how it's so difficult to see... 
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2 Responses Apr 20, 2007

Oh! I'm terribly sorry if I came off a tad too strongly... And, answering your question, I too am white. Also, I'm not completely disregarding histories as I know that what happened was completely awful, but I suppose that I'm a tad idealistic and really and truly do wish that they could be forgiven (not even forgotten) so that we could all coexist in harmony. There are many more pressing and complex problems we have today and if we could all unite then perhaps we'd have a chance of conquering them. :)

I agree with your sentiments but may i ask what colour you are? I am white and for me to even pretend to think what it is like to be of ANY other colour, and to even think i know how they may feel would infact just add to the ignorance of racism. i will NEVER know what it is like to have decendants who were owned as slaves. As i said i like your sentiment but i also think that we must remember that people's histories have HUGE impacts on present day lives, and to simplify it is to do an injustice to people of colour.