I Raised to Not Like Color. I Dont Understand Why

I was raise not to like color.
But I can not live that way.
I am differnet then my dad.
I can not go with some one.
But they can be my freind.

Back in the day of my Dad was differnet then it is now.
And I have alot of color people that are my freinds.
But I have to do my wish of my day and not be in a relinship of one.
But they can be my freinds.

Time change and I think never one should love each other.
That is the way god wanted us to be freinds.
lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
1 Response Apr 24, 2007

I understand that everyone has their right to their opinion, but i guess i have the right to question yours..... I'm just curious, if you can have friends of colour, and i assume that like me you love your friends, then why would you cut out a huge percentage of people to be IN love with based on their colour? I'm confused.