Colour, Creed, Culture - How Do They Make A Person Any Better Or Worse?

People should be judged unconditionally and individually on their own strengths and weaknesses. The fact that people think less of others due to nothing more than the colour of their skin or the country they were born in is the absolute most superficial and stupid thing in the world.

Black, white, yellow, red, orange, purple, green - who cares!? I am caucasian and so are some of the worst people I know. I know for sure that our race is no better than any other - and I know that it's no worse as well! In fact, I hate that we are supposed to identify ourselves by our race at all. So many people in the world now are of mixed ethnicity anyway!
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4 Responses Dec 28, 2006

I totally agree discrimination is wrong. I have been discrimated against for being Polish, Catholic, Poor, Female, and for being intelligent. I try not to judge people. I certainly believe that God created us all equal, so we should try to get along. What I have found that the people who do the discrimating seem to be insecure themselves. They pick on others to bolster their own self esteem.

I appreciate your sense of right and wrong though so kudos for that. ^^

I do agree but I must say the reason this even happens has a lot to do with past events or happenings that have made others completely against whatever race. Its perhaps because of their family or where they lived when they were younger or now even! It's very hard to accept that others can be so careless with their thoughts but sadly it is hard to change and can be impossible if its em<x>bedded in them so much so that change isn't an option. To some just saying like that means your just trying to make them look bad, or perhaps just say they are wrong. Sometimes things need to be eased in or proven over time and the earning of respect. You can't just tell them "Why can't you see things this way? Its not right to judge!" While to them ,in their mind, they may be thinking, "Who's judging? That's just how things should be." So it is hard to make things how you two and myself think is right without question.

I agree with you 100%. I think people are people and thats that. Who cares what color we are. Where I live in my neighborhood we have everyone of every color and all my neighbors are great people. I have a daughter who is turning 13 and I tell her now that one day I want her to find a good man that will love her and be good to her and that their color does not matter. As long as they are a good person with a good heart thats good enough for me.