"I Do Not Understand Racist People"

We had an incident in my neighborhood recently that I never thought I would have to experience in my lifetime. I am a white female and the majority of my neighbors are black. I have lived here almost 6 years and have become very close to a lot of my neighbors. It all started about a month or so ago. Five tenants that live here have filed a discrimmination law suit against the owner of my apartment complex. They have alleged accusations that he made some racial slurs. Well this was all over the news and in the papers since it is now going to Federal Court. With this info. being made public about 2 weeks ago my entire neighborhood recieved hate mail. This mail came from a Neo Nazi skinhead group. Apparently this guy had read the local papers or seen it on the news about this pending law suit. In an 8x10 envelope was the most horrible letter I have ever seen. Along with the later was this horrible magazine with nothing but racial slurs. One of my dearest and closest friends who happens to be an elderly black lady called me to go check my mailbox! I went outside and many of my neighbors were standing around in shock! I got the same letter they did. It broke my heart and before I could open mine my friend read aloud to me the contents of this horrible letter. I felt physically sick! The FBI is now involved in this and they say this guy has done this sort of thing before. They have apparently had their eye on him for a while. It turns out this orgaization or group he claims to belong to is quite real! I have heard of groups like this mainly from TV but I never thought much about the reality of these people being out there! I have to tell you even though I myself am not black it still put a lot of fear into my heart! We don't know any thing further about what is going on. I just know I hope they find this guy and hold him accountable for his crimes against so many people he has inflicted this hatred on! All of this has brought many of us in my community closer! So anyone reading please say a little prayer for us!
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tape those Nazzi b@st@rds to a chair , eyelids pinned open by your race of choice to watch a this movie<br />
<br />
http://www.1channel.ch/watch-2732790-The-Nine-Muses<br />
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all haters suck & racist usually don't even know why. I grew up with old school racists who have no idea what their talking about & i love challenging them<br />
<br />
I am sorry for your experience & hope all Nazis take their Führer example , bite the barrel & burn<br />
<br />
hopes for happier days & prays for us all

I do! Divide and rule.<br />
I understand racist people very well and they are far more prevalent that you might imagine. They just don't realise that they are the new slaves. Minimum wage donkeys at best, if they are lucky. Otherwise, they are unemployable, bitter and twisted, doped up on propaganda, fooled into thinking they are somehow better than their ethnic neighbour. <br />
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If Governments had acknowledged and addressed the consequences of slavery as they did with the other Holocaust people would have different attitudes. <br />
<br />
Ask yourself a couple of question? What are western governments doing in everybody else's business? And why does your constitution give you the right to bare arms and defend your homeland but denies that basic right for everyone else? <br />
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Sadly, ignorance, misinformation and self serving hypocrites leads us to where we are now.

That Moonraker is obviously a racist skinhead, and I doubt that ethnics are stealing thier jobs. More likely their taking over cleaning jobs which is what I usually see. Thats mainly because no-one else wants to work in those jobs. Of course the ethnics who are more intelligent get a good education and work hard to get where they are, get good jobs and I dont have a problem with that as long as theyve worked hard for it and and as long as theyre contributing to the tax system. But what I see, these skinheads who dont want to get a job, cant handle cleaning jobs, and just want to smoke dope all day and drink all night, who basically feed on welfare their entire lives and cause violence and trouble in society by picking cowardly on the poorer immigrants. At least these migrants are contributing to the taxes which are feeding the lazy **** stirring wannabe tough chromedomes. These Nazi chromedomes really need a kick up their backsides so that theyre forced either to get a better education or go out and get a trade or start with a cleaning job and move up or do something useful. But no, they just want a good highly paid job straight away!! The world doesnt work like that!! Unfortunately if these skinheads like moonraker dont change, otherwise they will stay failures or worse in jail for the rest of thier lives. On one last note, as for migrants taking over races of women such as Asians marrying whites. That is not up to racist neonazi chromedomes to decide. It takes two to tango and also Women are not commodities of neonazis and hence dont talk as if you own their lives. Ive heard too many media stories of women being raped and physically abused by Neonazis. Not to mention baby-rapers and child abuse stories, that it certainly disgusts me no end.

I would like yo disagree with 'some' comments on this thread, i live in the UK, where racial tension is running so bad, i'm afraid there will be a civil or racist war, Certain Groups of immigrants have been allowed to reside in the UK, and get lots of benefits people who actual were born here dont get.<br />
There are far right political Parties, BNP, NATIONAL FRONT, to name just a couple, there are many fights between whites and blacks spurned on by what they believe to be true.<br />
I acknowledge its unfair that immigrants get better treat than Born and Bread British people whose Grandfathers have fought in the 1914-1918 Workd War 1 to make Britain a better place to live against the Nazi's, the immigrants legal and illegal have stolem our jobs, our houses, our women in some cases, its about time the British Government realised that the third World War is looming fast. I couldn't go to Pakistan, India, etc., and demand to make laws to suit myself and for my family, separate schools to be built for muslim girls, and not expect to be victimised by the Asian Governments. I agree there are lots of neo Nazi Groups around, if you google Combat 18, it gives you a fair idea, but shamefully if you google the National Front website, and browse 'the fallen list' it makes very grim reading, asians raping ang killing white girls, peddling hard drugs to schoolgirls, grooming young girls as young as 10-12 years of age for a life of prostitution on the streets, its hardly suprising that asians are the targets of Neo Nazi groups here in Britain and around the world. This country used to be called Great Britain, its hardly called Britain anymore ruled by European pigs in Brussels.<br />
I was once proud to be British, but not now.

Anyone that exhibits any form of racism only EXEMPLIFIES their own internal self-hatred - PERIOD!!!<br />
I am appalled that any one human being can think or act so cruelly and maliciously.<br />
<br />
Oppression to any given race, creed, or economic status only creates and manifests more of the same. As I read in a recent newspaper, racism is like cancer, it may have been in remission, but due to the way people are raising their children w/ such degrading mentalities of others (mind you, it is only degrading upon themselves) eventually comes back if the people allow it. Barack Obama's winning the election was a perfect example of the "cancer" of racism that TRIED to come back. Yet, our GREAT COUNTRY OF THE U.S.A over turned and proved to the world that we as a WHOLE, UNITED are not racist!!!!!!<br />
<br />
May we ALL pray for the simple/miserable minded minority of racists. <br />
<br />

I cannot understand racism either. I have been spate on and had car head lights on me because I was a different colour than everyone else and with one of 'their' men.

What's left to say but that some people can be sick?

Like the rest have said this breaks my heart and my prayer's are with all of you. I naively thought that these HATE groups were really quite frankly gone in this time, but BOY was i wrong. My ex and i moved into a small town in Ontario, Canada, we thought this town was IDEAL. It was a beautiful place, it appeared, to bring up our kids. Now the street i lived on was predomainantly white, which really didn't shock me, but because i had lived most of my life in Toronto, a VERY multi-cultural city, i never realized just how much IGNORANCE and HATRED still existed in our country. Once we finally moved in, and i started to befriend some of my neighbours i started hearing some extremely RACIST remarks being made, i couldn't believe my ears. It was ONLY about a week before i found out that this beautiful, quaint, little town was ACTUALLY the so called *capital* for the KKK in Ontario. Now i had naively believed they were extinct by this time, and really could not believe the rumours i was hearing about the KKK in our town, until one day, after doing some shopping at the local shopping mall, i noticed a piece of paper on the windsheild of my car. Obviously i assumed it was advertising of SOME sort, but i wasn't expecting what i was about to read. It was an inviatation from the KKK to their next rally. HOLY C R A P, needless to say we did not live in that beautiful little town for long when it's very soul was so dark and repulsive!!

Racism drives me crazy. It's terrible that there is so much ignorance and hatred out there. We just had a racial incident here in Austin recently. A cop shot a black man who was running from him on Saturday night. It is making waves in our black community. It's sad but this seems to come up here once every couple of years. Google Austin Texas and Saturday night (june 3rd) shooting and you'll see what I'm talking about. Ugghhhh!!!

My prayers are definitely with you. All of you!! How horrible. I just have so much trouble grasping that people can be so mean and cruel.

Sad INDEED! I can identify to a point, too. I'm from a VERY racist little town, and I get turned against when I speak my mind against their fears and ignorance! And ya'll wonder why I don't have a prob. being blunt in here! lol