I Understand Them Just Fine - I Just Can't Stomach Them

Racism is one of my favorite themes, in fact, many of the El Lagarto cartoons I do on my website - www.invisibledriving.com - directly attack racism in all of its ugly forms.  Since it can never be supported logically, we must look deep into the insecurity, fear, and hatred in the human heart for its origins.  I don't think America will ever "grow up" as a nation until it admits it is fundamentally racist.  I'm waiting for the one political candidate brave enough to make this observation, and I'll probably die first.  We stole the land from the Indians, built on the back of slave labor, and even today exploit immigrants to do our dirty work.  One of the interesting things about being white in a large eastern city is coming to understand the moral dignity of American blacks.  I frequently say that, had I been born black, I'd be in prison for murder.  Of course, the ultra-left politically-correct Nazis are equally at fault, they pretend there are no differences.  I remind my knee-jerk friends that equality is a philosophical, not a biological concept.  But these things have a way of perpetuating themselves, sooner or later you can rob people of their strength, and they start living down to your expectations of them.  Ultimately racial prejudice is born of ignorance and cowardice, the pathetic need to feel superior to someone, which is without exception born from a deep-seated belief in one's own inadequacy. 
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Not one of my funnier posts! -- More the latter than the former - honestly, after 8 years of Bush an attractive toaster could have won. -- Still in all, it is a defining moment in our national consciousness. The so-called "Bradley factor" did not come into play, indeed, Obama won by bigger margins than anticipated. So, to an important degree, America was able to look directly THROUGH race into quality, and Obama is a remarkable individual. Having a black President should be a good stepping off point for a lot of re-education in this country - and not a moment too soon.

Wow. Powerfully and elegantly stated, El.<br />
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In the year and a half since you wrote this, we've elected an African-American president. In light of your comments here, do you think America has "grown up" to any appreciable degree, or do you attribute Obama's election as merely a dissatisfaction with the status quo that simply proved to be stronger than our inherent racism?