Makes Me Sick...

I do not understand how people can be racist. It is actually proven that everyone has a shade of brown skin; how dark or light you are just depends on where you live and heretics. All people are people. We all bleed red. And God loves all his children. I have a black cousin. My brother dated a Japanese girl. The Indian blood in our family shows in my brother. I am paler than paste, but my mother looks like a Cherokee. You can tell I'm Irish and English and you can even see the bit of German.  Alot of my friends are black. My brother lives in Japan for the NAVY. Racism makes me sick. People who are racist must be conceited as well... because they have a whole world of hate against them and they are blind to any "color" other than their own. I love all people.  We are all people, just the same.
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1 Response Jun 18, 2007

You are completely right

Thank you! I am very passionate about it. It just burns a rage inside my soul when I think that there are still people out there who are racist.