Don't Blame Them


Unless they ignore the facts. Most people automatically click into the us vs. them...racism is ignorance usually propagated by parents or respected figures. Any logical person knows that clichés are not true, that stereotypes affect relationships. Drop the clichés and stereotypes and you just see different degrees of humanity.

We like to be a part of a group, and as a part of this we like to be against a group...I think everyone is like that regardless of how easy going they claim to be, there are no doubt a group of people that YOU judge at face value...hmmm? Doesn’t have to be racist, it could be the taggers, or the Emo's...or the skaters...How much do you let the clichés and stereotypes affect you, how much are you willing to accept logic?


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I don't get the last three comments, especially Chovhani's which would be offensive if not for the fact I'm too busy trying to figure the secret meaning behind the smiley.

tetrahydrocannibinol yum :cp

You can't be against weed smokers, they're too silly to cause offence. You just don't employ them:)

Look at that, I like my use of the word 'cloches', I guess the people within "I wish people would proofread" group wouldn't have liked that.<br />
Edited for spelling, because cloches might sound delicious, but people aren’t ready for the cloche.<br />
<br />
And so I could laugh at myself, I searched out the word:<br />
Cloche (French language for bell) may refer to the following:<br />
<br />
Bell (instrument), especially in music directions <br />
A covering for protecting plants from cold temperatures. See row cover (US English). <br />
A close-fitting women's hat with a deep rounded crown and narrow rim, popularized by flappers <br />
A restaurant's bell-shaped cover for a plate of food, to retain warmth <br />
A dome-shaped clay oven used for baking a single loaf of bread <br />
************************************<br />
I wonder what a cliché cloche is like.<br />
This has been off topic.

You raise a valid point