It Makes No Difference

it makes no difference who you are, where you come from, how you were raised, who you look up to and don't, where you work, what you drive, your social status or economic status ... it's there!  regardless your personal feelings of warmth, sincerity, etc.  racism is there and there's not much we can do about it.

as long as there are politics, agendas, groups, clicques, etc. there will always be some form of discrimination.  as much as i hate to admit it; it makes no difference how big our group of people against racism, it will remain.  it's been present since the beginning - longer than any of us. 

personally i don't like it.  i do, however, understand it's existence.  but it hurts to be discriminated against.  i've been the minority before.  regardless of how kind i was, regardless how sincere i was ... they simply continued to think of me as a certain way and treat me thusly.  i'm sure it has to do with not only upbringing but also their own experiences from similar 'looking' people as myself.

when we're all born we are born into a group of sorts that is outlined by our skin color, socio-economic status, location, etc.  we automatically 'belong to a group' and no matter how much you dislike it there's nothing you can do about that.  of course, 'groups' of all kinds exist and as long as this is true there will always be racism, discrimination, cliches, cliques, and the like. 


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1 Response Jun 21, 2007

Yes I too have at times fallen into a minority group, and I know how that feels, it does suck, but i also found myself struggling to not dislike another race for no reason that I can determine, I have now come up with the idea that I need to befriend someone from that race/ country and get to know and understand them, I do not like feeling this way either.