Need For Help For Racist Act In Zurich

My name is Thierno, and I live in Zurich/Switzerland. Am living racime here strongly and I actually have no help or any organisation to call for help.

I am being called Dirty ****** several Times by a group of People in Zurich on the 16 August 2013.
Yesterday the 24 August 2013 again I was called again Stinky by the same group of People.

The main issue is that, Authorities figures hate to face racisme issue here in Zurich. So where ever you try to seek for help, people always try to minimise it as if there were no evidence or true racist act.

It is becoming very critical and it is increasing on a daily basis around me and don't have any solution.

I need your advice please if you can tell me what to do?

TBah01 TBah01
41-45, M
Aug 25, 2013