Are You Happy Or Not?

From my experience and observation, I feel this is sound facts
I do not understand why people live with others that make their life full of misery.
My first thought is 1) If I am so miserable I must first end that relationship. Give myself time to completely heal and free my mind soul and spirit from that person. 2) It is not fair in anyway to cheat on the person you are with which only makes matters worse. If you cant live with them it may be best you live without them first. Jumping into another relation before one can end sometimes become a big mess especially if you find someone else is not quite as good as the one you are supposingly be so tired of.3) Being real is always the biggest help trying this It takes two to build a beautiful meaningful relationship( one cannot do it all on their own.) COMPARE It also takes two to tear up a relationship I know this is where I feel most people deny and fail to be honest! I havent done a thing they just are so terrible they are mean they dont treat me right they are etc... Whenever you hear this BEWARE!!!! Because everyone has faults if you fall for the I never do anything wrong line> You may see soon after how wrong you really were to jump into it. {This Maybe continued!}
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1 Response May 25, 2012

"it takes two to tear up a relationship" that is so true..<br />
"I don't seems to get it too, why stay in a relationship that makes one suffer emotionally even some times physically.."it's a mystery to me"<br />
thank you for this insightful thoughts on relationship

You are more certainly welcome always