Why Live In A Sexless Marriage? Read Are You Happy Or Not Before This It Gives A Better Understanding!

Here are factual reasons to consider.
Genesis 1:28 God told man after he created this world to be fruitful and multiply. He then looked at his creation and saw that everything he made was able to but Adam. In Genesis 2:18 God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Therefore God instituted marriage and gave the man and woman a charge which was to live together to be together and to take care of one other and have their own husband and wife. So why would anyone want to be in a sexless marriage? Marriage is a beautiful thing one of the deepest relationship a person can obtain with exception from God of course. Marriage should be open, honest and sharing all together for the lifetime.
When two people cannot supply the every need for the spouse they really are failing to realize the purpose of marriage. Why live in a sexless marriage. I feel it is just an allurement that the enemy uses to destroy homes. Because he knows that when two people are married they have “VOWS” and vows are promises that they should never deprive one other of love, support in any way, etc. They have promised that in good or bad health they would up hold this. They promised to forsake all others for each other. They promised that they have chosen to live for the rest of their life with just them. They promised if you are rich now and become poor it will NOT change anything considering our relationship as far as my love to you. We will stick together!! Why then if you made vows and now not keep them? It is better if you not made a vow than to make one and not keep it.
Sex what is sex? Sex is not just a happening were two people engage intercourse. Sex in a marriage is supposed to enhance the marriage bond it! Seal it! The same as our relationship with God remain faithful plays the most important role in happiness. Regardless of what situation arouse, I have to be honest. No one knows what 2 people do behind closed doors if they are not there. I am saying, “People can tell you I am in a Sexless Marriage!” online and be laying in the bed with their partner just finish making love. I’m I real? I feel to tell the world that I am in a sexless marriage I am seeking for 1 or 2 things. Attention and Outside Attention or both! Sorry, but this is reality to me! Why would anyone want to live in a sexless marriage? (Pleases read Are you Happy or Not if you haven’t already)
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wow...still burst down to the same question "why would anyone want to stay in a sexless marriage". why would people lie about their marriage, that's another issue entirely.<br />
The more we step into the future,the less marriage is being valued..<br />
May God help us in this world..<br />
thank you for your explicit explanation on marriage ..