Feminists Always Lie

The truth about wages is that women are over paid for the amount of work they do. Most female jobs amount to useless paper shuffling created because of sexist demands to pay women. Like the useless bimbos who replaced men on football sidelines, women aren't equally qualified, don't do equal work, and are overpaid for the amount of work they do.

Not even feminists still use their once popular demand, "Equal pay for equal work."  They figured out long ago that females will never do equal work, and don't want to ever do equal work.   If you listen to feminists and politicians they only whine about "Equal pay."  There is no equal work every going to happen. 
DozerDan DozerDan
66-70, M
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I agree with you the inequality in pay is largely bullshit, buuuutttt it's not due to the inherent work capacity of females. That much of your argument is just wrong