The first six letters on the keyboard, as it has been since they were standardized way back when.  I have always been a reader, a writer and so I have a deep and abiding respect for my language, as well as the languages of others.  It makes me sad to see English massacred as it is every day by people too lazy to take a few extra seconds to type out a word in full.  Initially, before cell phones came with full keyboards, it was almost forgivable, almost.  I could not do it even then.  It took me a very long time to accept and use shorthand like LOL, OMG and BRB, that is as far as I can reasonably go to this day.

Life is short enough, must we really try so hard to rush through it that we can not even use our language properly?  Is literacy not already on it's last legs?  Do we need to give it a shove over the edge?  Slow down, relax, language is a wonderful thing, learn it, use it, discover the depth of meaning in the words, their roots.  I am sure that other languages are likely equally massacred but English is the only one that I am fluent in so this is the one I rant about.

I cringe at the language of popular culture, I fear that we are on our way to a full regression away from language back to the grunts and guttural sounds presumed to have been the communication of the cavemen.

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Oh sweety I'm the same way but I gave up on trying to concern myself with the growing evidence of functional illiteracy in our country, it just makes my brain itch. Netspeak is an overt abuse of the language, I can (almost) understand it on a cell phone, I couldn't even do it on mine before I had an iPhone, it grated on my nerves, but I could forgive it from others. However, when you have a full keyboard, there is just no excuse, in my opinion. It is contributing to the already severe dumbing down of our society. A few things I don't really mind, I can deal with brb, btw and omg though it took time before I could. I even find myself growing more comfortable using them.

My two cents worth: I LOVE IT! It made me giggle because one of my dearest friends (has his BA in English Lit.) and I frequently discuss this exact issue and we both get all worked up about it even though he and I are in complete agreement. My greatest peeve however is not as much internet shorthand (I call it 'Bathroom Shorthand' or 'BaSh'), assuming it is done correctly in adherence to commonly accepted standards, but rather spelling and misuse of sound-alike words. I am a part-time user of BaSh but I try to restrict my use of said to text messaging on cell phones only. I do concede that my use of BaSh is rooted in sheer laziness but not carelessness. Wherever I see hideous butchering of English I can invariably link it to carelessness more so than to laziness. I also must admit that I share in the guilt for a small role in the inception and creation of BaSh in that in July of 1994, when I was given internet access at work, within a month I had coined (that is to say that I have yet to see authenticated proof of them having been used before July, 1994) two BaSh 'abbreviations': 'BTW' for 'By the way' and another that I first used in an interoffice email: 'Y2K'

thanks hlp :-D I do try to amuse. I'm not here to pick fights, I'm happy to agree to disagree.

I would SO like to play devil's advocate with you on this, lost. But there really isn't a good basis for it. Made me chuckle, especially your counters in the comments. Keep it up.

Thank you Rufus, yes, this is just my opinion, some people agree, some disagree, if we all agreed on everything how boring would this world be? Anyway, peace, let's agree to disagree, just please, not that I imagine you would, but if you ever message me tulick, please don't use internet shorthand? Thanks :-D No concern of mine what you do with the rest of teh world that is just MY pet peeve is all.

@wanderingbutnotlost, i must agree with your story. i may not use capitals (unless it's for a proper noun) but i have to agree with the rest. it amazes me that half of my high school graduating class could barely read, and their writing was atrocious... indeed, English has taken a massive *****-slap... <br />
<br />
@tulick, honestly... must we fight this way? she has her opinion, mine is very similar, although if we discussed it further, i'm sure we would find some difference... and the we have yours, which would be ok if you weren't coming off as aggressive... disagreements are fine but let's play nice ok?

more like in a rush to keep up <br />
<br />
and mt guess is you type faster than i could ever dream to

not enough to do data entry well enough to make a living.I do get it, people are lazy and in a rush to get through life

you just don't get it of course how many words per minute do you type

while we do have opposable thumbs, we also havd other fingers we can use, set the phone down and use it that way. My main issue is people on a computer using internet shorthand more than the phone thing. Either way it is lazy, and if you are messaging so much that you are likely to wear your thumb joints out perhaps it is time for you to rejoin the real world, step away from teh computer, turn off the phone, put away the game controller and try actual life

you just don't get it do you for some it may be lazyness for others its i'm trying to write stories, answer messages, make comments and i don't type 90 WPM not even a standard 35 <br />
<br />
and those are the things that apply to this website forget chat rooms where things move even faster or instant messages the multiple pages you may have open on your PC at a time <br />
<br />
you also may have limited amounts of time to do all of these things so in messages to freinds and so forth they use short hand to get their point across and move on <br />
<br />
you know there was secritarial short hand before their was internet short hand <br />
<br />
its also interesting you mention celphones with full keyboards because even though they are around people don't want their thumb joints warn out using them hello