I Have Done Nothing Wrong

I had a friend.

I would have done almost anything to cheer her up when she was down. 

I was there for her 100%

This is how she returned the favour....

A few weeks after my long term boyfriend broke up with me, she organised a physical "arrangement" with him, knowing full well that I was still in love with him. Whilst this was going on, she was recieving my hysterical phone calls and seeing me depressed every single day.

She then told everyone that she and I both know what was going on. This was enough for my ex to end the arrangement, but she then spent the next month or so talking about it to everyone behind my back. I knew something was up, but I trusted her when she said that it wasn't anything important.

Eventually my ex told me what had happened. He told me this because he missed me and wanted me back, a statement he soon went back on. When she found out that I knew, she abused him for telling me, and then screamed at me, saying that it was none of my buisness and that she'd done nothing wrong. Whether what she did was wrong or not, is a matter of personal opinion. For me, it was wrong. I told her that I did not want to be her friend anymore and that I felt I couldn't trust her, and that her overdramatic and immature ways were too much for me to handle in this sensitvie time.

A few weeks later I began talking to a guy online. He was sad and needed someone to talk to, and I never refuse a person in need. We got along well and he was geniunely interested in my problems. I told him everything he wanted to know. There is no harm in being honest. A couple of months later, I am sitting her typing this experience in an effort to vent my distress. This "guy" who I have been talking to for months and months is in fact the same friend I wanted nothing to do with. She had created the alias, and this alias' fake problems in order to get information from me about me, my ex and what I thought of her. This information was undoubtedly spread in any way she could to gain allies and cause people to hate me.

When I found out what she had done, I was completely distraught, confused and depressed. She was my friend, and more importantly, she was a human being. I could not imagine doing that to someone else. I can't understand why she would do that to me, for so long. I have done nothing but leave her alone.

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

She is desperate and has no one. You have done the good thing of leaving her alone and she will reap what she sow. You will get better people there are many out there goodluck my friend.

Wow, that's terrible. What a *****