Vote Or Die

after reading the previous entries, i more easily understand how we Americans are viewed as a global joke.  Lazy, apathetic, self centered drivel is all this "experience" is filled with.  You people can spend time pouring over blogs and random posts from folks you don't even know, but you can't be persuaded to take a few minutes EVERY FOUR YEARS to get out and vote?  I am absolutely disgusted.  Voting is not simply a "right" or a "privledge" it is your duty as an American.  I am far from patriotic, I definitely have issues with our current administration, but I realize that the ONE SMALL THING I CAN DO is vote.  If you say your ote doesnt matter, then you are sadly, sadly mistaken.  That attitude is deadly infectious, and partly responsible for the death of democracy in this country.  When we end up living under the rule of a dictator because so many of you could not be bothered to vote, well, then, I hope you are the first put into slavery or worse.
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1 Response Apr 3, 2007

Amen! And by "Amen" I mean we live under a secular government... so ******* vote!