Being A Passanger In Life Isn't For Me


                          I've learned a lot in my life, but even though I am still young, growing for me will never end. All the time when I walk out into the world's path's of life or the streets, every where I look I see two things good and bad which are, I see my higher powers beauty through mother nature, but I also see people just sitting like a knot on a log just letting the world pass them by. I am one who enjoys living life to the fullest, I am not one to be a passanger in life, I just do not see a point in this life too be a passager, for there is so many things in this world to take advangte of like watching eagles in the sky flying high and soaring so free, with no cares in the world! I like to be free, I like to take risks, I like to live life too the fullest, I love being a person who dosen't sit down and let the world stop me or pass me by. Just because things do not go our way or dissopments may fall in our life's step; that's ok, because not everything is perfect nor is it supposed to be, but there is always gonna be times of down falls, that's where I say " whatever dosen't break ur soul or ur spirit, is just a new way gain strengthen, which makes us stronger. Life isn't supposed to be  built for us and the way we want things to go, but unstead life is built to live to the fullest, life is built with up's and down's to test us and see how strong we are concusion of our responbilities and actions to be able to make the right choices, life is built full of dreams, life is about establishing who u are and what u belive in, life is built to be beatiful and to be lived every second and each new breathe we take as apperatication, for every new day we are blessed to be here, its a gift from the Heaven's. Just because we age here in our time dosen't mean we grow older, but wiser, because we've been blessed to see many new things and take many new risks, to enjoy and be thankful for what we have, one day its all gonna be gone for good, when we die and go to the next place that u belive in u'll hopefully won't regert what u have done in this past life u lived, life is meant to be ridden as a jounrey, life itself isn't really meant to be a passanger at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If people chose to be a passanger in life how are they ever gonna be able to seperate themselves from the what the world wants them to be, and who they really are and what they are really all about? Its like my grandmother always said too me right before she died " u can choose to be apart of the world and its ways, or u can be an outkast and be specail and uqnie in ur own indivuidal ways", I chose to be who I am and not the world. My grandmother was born in 1918 so she live a long life she just passed away in 09, she lost her parents when she was only 4 yrs of age and had to raise her own sisters too, it was a stuggle for her then, but she told me as she got older, she realized how much of a blessing that life really was for her and how much life's oppurtites in life she was offered, and she never turned down an offer, not even after she became a wido after her husban had died almost 20 yrs before her she still kept trucking on. I do not wanna ever be a passager in life, I was born very ealry and I have fought the whole time to stay alieve, I may have some seouris health problems, but that dosen't stop me from living life too the fullest and taking every oppurnity that come's my life's path's way!!

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
6 Responses Mar 8, 2010

aw ty so much for ur support and thoughtful kidness dynamitelife!

I love you and I love your spirit mysterygirll! I am totally inspired.

ty to all of my friends who have left comments on this story I wrote, ur support and friendship means the world to me!

I think this is one of your best stories. Every bit of it is true. I enjoyed reading that. I want to be less of a passenger and do as you said. Be unique and live life to the fullest. That is my goal in life. You give great advice.

Thats tru life is what u make it ur the one thats gonna say i have a great or stupid life no one else so live it to the fullest now that u have the time to do so

Thats tru life is what u make it ur the one thats gonna say i have a great or stupid life no one else so live it to the fullest now that u have the time to do so