I Don't Enjoy Kids

I never like kids since I was a kid myself I never played with kids younger than me. Since I started puberty I have taught about having kids and never want them. I am now an adult and I don't want kids still. Me personally don't see any point to having children in my life. I see having children as just a liability to keep the earth replenish. Not as something that I have to do or want to do. I live with my sister and her two children. One on the way. I help her raise them it's so crazy. It's crazy to me because from 8 till whatever time that child goes to sleep they are in your face. Winning and crying do crazy stuff, demanding. It's a never ending thing. You never get a break all day there is the little person that you Carter to and you have to do it. It's like you don't have a life outside these kids they are your life. You canteen think of yourself. Everything is about them for he next 18+ years of your life. I can't live like that catering to someone else. You can't even do anything without thinking about them first even when it's for your own happiness. These are two three year old if you home you have to be with them all day every where they go.I have experience on what life is going to be like if I have kids and I never want children. Sure when it's your own you feel guilt and like you own them everything. You have to ve them cause it's natural. You don't have to work to love your children it comes natural. Kids are not for men sometimes I watch them and I feel so trapped it's like I get tired of them I just want them to disappear. They are a burden to me. Don't likeor find anything cute or great about kids they just people that's developing. They are like everyone else. I love babies but they not going to stay like that forever. I have so much love in me for anything but I don't think that love should only be for kids. The love I feel I give it to animals I have always love animals more than people even a child. Since I was a child. I don't see children as a blessing because then we are all blessings. I can't deal with kids I'm not willing to have a child only to be a slave to them they think they own you. Yes there are happy moments to raising kids but there are more negative ones. I see it for myself. If you really want children you will enjoy them but it's a burden to people like me. Parents have no choice but to love their children. It's the guilt that forces them to do things it's like a child controls you. Your Heart belongs to them. If they want something you have to do it. They manipulate you an do whatever they want yet you have to love them. It's sad. Your setting yourself up for heartbreak. I never want kids and never will. They aren't wonderful blessing they add negative things to your life, anyone in your life adds thing not just children. I don't think everyone needs children or should have them
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I can relate to a lot of what you said. I don't enjoy children; I don't find them to be cute. To me, they are just vile and annoying. Also, I am very selfish. Any situation where I have to be constantly catering to the wants and needs of others is not a situation where I will be happy or do well. Further, I am very aloof; I just want to be left alone. Having someone "in my face" all the time would be enough to drive me absolutely insane.<br />
Children need someone who is warm and engaging. Children deserve parents who actually want them; you shouldn't just have kids because "it's what you're supposed to do". I would never discourage anyone who wants to have children because the world needs good parents. All I'm saying is that they are not for everyone.<br />
It's good that you're self-aware enough to realize that you would not make a good parent. Don't try to defend or explain your decision. There is nothing wrong with not wanting children. If people would need an explanation, it would likely be lost on them anyway. Take care!

Thank you for understanding I'm no bad person I love helping others I don't mind sacrificing for others. I don't mind cartering to others but I don't like children nor do I want to devote my life to any child that might turn out good or bad we never know. I love animals I love elderly people. I'm very kind but when you have children it's a lifetime commitment and since life is so short I don't want to give up most of mylife for any child. I see them as a burden. Everyone is selfish that part of human nature. I just don't see the point of children on my life I want my life for myself and I want to help a lot of people. Doing what all parents do just for there own flesh and blood isnt satisfying for me I don't want to Carter to one person I want to devote myself to many people.

Feeling as you do, the decision to NOT have kids is a good one.

I know that's why I don't want any . Thanks