Know Toooo Much About It...

I do not want a thing to do with disability. I know entirely too much about how it operates to ever want to depend on uncle sam for my paycheck each month...besides...uncle sam has to keep signing bills just to keep itself from shutting down!

 I have had two seprate doctors tell me to apply for disability.. One doc was a bone and joint specialist who told me that I was born with degenerative arthritis,and that it was attacking my cartilage in my joints...He then told me that he couldn't understand how I didn't feel incredible pain all the time...I didn't bother to tell the dmn fool that I don't really feel pain!!but he told me that by the time I reach about 45-50, I would be totally disabled from it, and that I can get a check now, so that I can start having cartilage replacements...boolyhoo...

Well, I had another doc tell me that I should not be working. He told me years ago that I would NEVER hold a job for any length of time...He told me that I would be in prison by the time I was 25...And he told me that I was extremely intelligent but that I didn't have a care in the gessed it, the fool was a shrink...He told me I could get a check because my anger would prevent me from being able to hold steady employment, and that there was no real treatment for whatever the hel he said I had wrong with me...Guess what? I've been at the same job for 7 years! And I haven't been fired yet...Oh sure I have threatened people because they'd be total effin morons while I'm trying to do my job...But, I still have my job....And I make somewhere around $400 more a month than I would be getting that check, and I have a little something to live for each momma and dad both rotted away, because they had nothing to do..I would rather die than not hold any kind of job. And if I ever lose my cartilage, I still have my voice...I'd just learn a few other languages and be an interpreter...:)

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I worked 39 years with DOD from a wheelchair and even got married and transferred around the country. Just retired with Uncle Sam paycheck

I totally agree! :D

That's right! you tell 'em! Personally I like your attitude, after all, you ain't beat until you're dead. <br />
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But not all shrinks are pathetic morons who shouldn't be practicing (like that dimwitted specimen you mentioned) just to straighten the record a little bit. It's just a mixed bag, and if you find a rotten one you just keep on digging. The good ones are worth it, if you actually need therapy. I know mine has helped me with his common sense, and he'd never tell me something so full of *bleep*...*gets off soapbox*<br />
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Some people just shouldn't be allowed to practice...

Kick ***. I never saw a doctor.