It is a brutal law with no mercy, where people are given 100 lashes for drinking alcohol, where men have more rights than women, where a man can have four wives yet a woman can be stoned to death for adultery for just being seen walking (innocently) with a man. Mutilation takes place, hands are chopped off for stealing, acid is thrown into a woman's face for not wearing the veil, Muslims converting to another faith face the death penalty under the apostasy law. Christians in Muslim countries such as Pakistan are treated as second class citizens. where women victims of rape are punished for 'adultery' while the rapist gets away scott free. And where it is so easy to be punished under the 'blasphemy law' just for believing Jesus is the Son of God. Why can't people believe what they want without fearing punishment or even death? I want my country to get out of Europe because once Turkey gets in there will surely be sharia law.
Tibicina Tibicina
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From my understanding of Sharia Law, that's not what it's about at all. Alcohol is prohibited because it causes intoxication and you may do things which you will regret later. I've never heard anything about being lashed 100 times. Man are allowed four wives to decrease the chance of adultery and again, the being stoned to death thing is something I've never come across. All these violent acts seem, to me, against the moral teachings of Islam which is what Sharia Law is about. I'm from Pakistan and Christians are not treated like second class citizens there are all. I'm not saying that Sharia Law is perfect and will work in all countries. I'm not saying that at all. I'm just, respectfully, doubting the reliability of this information as I've never come across it and I'm curious. Where did you read it?

Please stop these ridiculous excuses. Islam is primitve, archaic and violent. And the lashings happen in Saudia Arabia, in Yemen, in The Emirates etc.
So please, dont play igonrant.
Thius religion does not belong into civilization.

they rape little boys . here it all the time the radio.

Thank u for clarifying that point. Sharia law is indeed brutal and horrific. I can't imagine how radicals think there is going to be a foot hold in the west for this inhuman state of affairs. Not Happening.....never.

I understand your distress. May i ask what does "getting out of Europe"mean

Probably America? As if all those feminists and their men would let that happen. With that aspect, I have faith in this country. If it still happens, I would move to china, no muslim attachments whatsoever. Or the jungles of Brazil. Or quite simply, a Catholic country.

'Getting out of Europe' means Britain becoming independent again and having nothing to do with the European Union and its ridiculous rules. Because of the European Court of Human Rights we can't export that terrorist Abu Qatada from our country, although he preaches hatred against us and wishes to destroy us.

Pfft. thank you for clarifying. For some reason, I read that the author would get out of Europe itself. Now that I re-read it, it has a whole different meaning now. And yeah. Unions somehow mostly benefit only a part of the members and the others are kinda bandwagoned (pardon the non-word) into following even though it does nothing for them.