Radicals In London

It was highlighted on TV last night that there were members of the muslim community who were harrassing the indigenous population and others who were on the roads at night time. They had been saying "This is a muslim area you are not allowed to drink, wear clothing not acceptable by sharia law". Calling people **** etc.

This happening in London....

Tell these bastards to go where they came from is what I will say...
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Basic respect means that if you choose to enter a country then you accept it's authority and laws. We are immigrants and grateful to our adopted country . Immigrants should be in probation until they prove their willingness to join the community.

Absolutely agree with you if that is what is needed to prove one's loyalty. Especially as Muslim countries do not want to tolerate any other faiths, customs and practices.

I love how one of the respondents starts talking about a "secular" state and then goes on to say "The laws of this country are based on the human rights of Christianity". Double-standard, much?? In any case, xenophobia and an attitude of "go back where you come from" helps no one. It is up to your government and its arms of law enforcement to make sure that no crimes/ violence erupts within these areas which arises from intolerance (which goes both ways - non-Muslims being dismissive of cultural ways - and Muslims being too rigid/ orthodox in their ways and not realizing that they are not in Saudi Arabia and people cannot be told not to drink/ dress a certain way.)

We are in a very open society and Britain has been kind to immigrants. Taking advantage of the liberty and freedom is what people do not like.

I am furious that these people think they can tell us what to do in our SECULAR society. The laws of this country are based on the human rights of Christianity where we should treat others as we want to be treated ourselves. If they want Sharia law they should go and live in an Islamic state - not here!!!.

We have been too tolerant. There are MPs who are bending over backwards to please them too. They do not have the same freedom in their countries of origin and come over here not wanting to integrate but enforce their stupid religion on us.

We have extremists here in the US too, any and every extremist of any religion should be launched permanently to Mars!

Yep. Extremism of any kind that forces their views on the majority.

My dear, why not Venus, mayhap they will get cooked by steam and helium.

? makes no sense

The Planet Venus is like a Volcano World. Great Pressures with Temperatures close to 1000 Degrees to melt metal. The Space crafts where melted after landing on the planet for Scientific Discovery in the 1970's. It's a very Hot and Hellish Place actually. Is why we can't explore it like the Planet Mars. Mars has more mystery and don't need extremist to get in the way of it.

Jupiter perhaps....

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Know what you mean, it's the same everywhere, here in Belgium too. There are some extreme individuals who try to take over, and succeed, sadly enough. But I do know moderate muslims too, who don't like the extremists either, because they ruin everything for them too, for everyone. The moderate muslims can stay, no problem, they are even welcome. Glad not all of the muslims are influenced by extremists.
I'm not a racist at all, just don't like these extreme ideas of sharia law. Okay, our laws could be more strict on some points, but wouldn't want to go back to the Middle Ages either. And that's where it's heading if no one stops it! Again... I don't judge anyone by his colour, culture, it's people's actions towards others that matter to me. So forcing people to believe what they believe in, forcing to do what they want, forcing people to be someone who they are not, is not done! Just let people be who they are, would want to say that to the extremist groups. They can believe whatever they want to, but they have to let people live their lives in peace.

Thanks Kelly for your response. The levels of extremisms that they go to, to try and harm and harass us is inexcusable. I even had someone in office who said that I should do the rituals that they do. eww.

No one can force you, they should know better. It is inexcusable to force people like that. Just remember there are lot of moderates too, who hate this behaviour as much as we do.

These so called moderates are not really what they are Kelly. They do stop short at totally criticising or condemning them. A very few exceptions may be. The cleric was interviewed on yesterday and his comments were "If someone can do a better job than these youths" then let them do it. He was in agreement with their activities. This link will open our eyes...