I Dont Spanked Enough :(

My husband tried spanking me when we first got married playing I think. He didn't know what he was doing and he used a board with holes no warm up. I had enjoyed in theory thinking of spankings but thought I didn't really want one in reality.It hurt badly and after three I wouldn't let him counting. I used to think about imagine being spanked to get in the mood. My husband used to always give me bottom massages as four play, occasionally he would spank me and then message me keep me in suspense when he was going to swat me. I really liked those but he didn't do them often. I wish we had started a domestic discipline relationship back then had he warmed me up and started slow I know I could have handled it. I have gotten some hard spankings fun ones since then but not often we dont get along so well anymore. I long for him to paddle my bottom and massage it and then make love to me. Just thinking about it gets me going.
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Sounds like you need a good blistering. Your husband should realize if your asking for it and need it he should comply and put you over his knee and not let you up till you have completely broken down

You are a good girl MrsSpanko. You might like 'Spank My Booty' - here's a link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTexKDn1bu0

A woman's *** is designed to be spanked. Warm it up with some low level slapping and as it gets harder, her ***** shojuld start to tingle. Stroke the backs of her thighs to. Mix pleasure, pain.

My first wife used to love to be spanked then have sex doggy style afterword.

Hope you get what you want - if not from him, then from some other guy. Good luck!

You are the kind of woman I need. Can you tell me in which state to look?

why R U telling us? tell your man what U would like. U have a say in this matter, don't U? that's part of the responsibility of being his wife....
say it in quiet and respectful tones. he should get the message.
Good Luck,

there is more to
it and I have told him he just doesnt do it much.

sorry to hear that.
now, the "next move" is up to U.

That is too bad as the feelings and thoughts surrounding the event are as important as the event itself.

Warm Regards