My Friend Told Me The Other Day.....

My friends and I were talking the other day about who really made a name for themselfs, realy left a mark on this old place (school), who will be "remembered" and we wrote on a piece of bread (yes, bread it was lunch time) who was going to be the most "remembered" in just the group of us. and to my super suprise "I" was the one most picked by a landslide! When i asked why heres what they said....."you got balls girl!" "you would do anything for us" "ur the best ninja eva" "ur the sweetest person i know"  "dude ur un forgettable" "ur our sista" "ur a legend like a wresteler...or gandi....but less baled" haveing them say this lets me know i will not be forgotten, i gotta start working on my fameous last words :P

LoveISHateHateISLove LoveISHateHateISLove
13-15, F
May 25, 2011