Celebration Or Sadness

I was talking to a friend and we got to talking about life and passion, surprise surprise. Somewhere along the line I started to remember some contrasting events in my life, some funerals.

I thought about my wife's Grandmothers funeral and how sad it was. Not that she had passed away, she was 92 a long life by any standard. It was the funeral itself. I remember standing there the 6 people all family who were there to mourn her passing. I was thinking 92 years old, 6 people to say goodbye to a nice person, but 6 people are the only people who felt enough about her to come say a final farewell.

Then I was thinking back to several other funerals, my fathers and both my Grandfathers, all attended by hundreds of people. Although the loss is painful for each, knowing that they had lived with passion and desire enough to make an impression like that makes me realize I need to be a better person every day, to help others to make a difference and although I know I won't be there to see my funeral I hope that I will as my father put it, " Made the world a better place" enough to have a well attended funeral and to not be easily forgotten.
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May 15, 2012