My very best friend is so involved with the Catholic church. She and her children are in choir, go on retreats, confession and Sunday School and it works very well for them. On occasion she will offer me a prayer, which regardless of your religion I will accept, but then there are those moments of preaching. I appreciate and respect her choice to worship who she chooses, as I do for everyone. So long as you aren't harming anyone I don't care if you are a follower of Sponge-bob. My only request is that you do not press your beliefs on me. I'm sure if works very well for you and I'm so happy that you find comfort and joy. I've been there, done that, and for my own personal reasons I've decided to follow my own thoughts.

I won't critique you or be mean because you might not believe the same as I but don't do it to me either. Religion is supposed to be a good thing and yet it becomes a fight for so many. Think Peace people and move on...

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When it comes to ways to staying clean you are right, there are other ways, But if your talking about what happens after you die, Jesus said he was the only way (John 14:6) So, taking that into consideration, you must decide exactly WHO Jesus is. He's either crazy, a liar, or He is who He says He is. People should respect you regardless of what you believe.

you know I have been doing a program for over 21 years to stay clean and sober its worked jesus he was cool but there aRE OTHER WAYS to get there no one likes to be preached at nor do you piece be into you and you too thanks;

God/Goddess and the Son,,,Can be many different things to many different people,,,This is a very personal issue,,,not one you get from someone else,,,but ont God/Goddess gives to any who believe,,,Love and Light are all that matters,,,and the rest is manafested by mans on interpatation, some things are just meant for you personal,,,,Just think about this for a moment of your busy lives,,,,many of the church today I have no mercy for them,, and their ignorant ways- then they want to hide behind their unknowness,,,and pretend they are so rightous, People say and ask Mary and God for mercy,,,but they given none to others who need just as much mercy as they do,,,They say God is so mercyful,,,well God/Goddess wrath will be upon their heads and put them on their knees,,,,I dont want to here how sorry they are for not being kind,Loving,and compasionate beings,,,,,I want real repentance from them,,,CLEASE YOUR OWN HEARTS BEFORE YOU TRY AND FIX SOMEONE ELSE THAT ONLY HAS MAYBE A SPLINTER ,,,WHILE YOU HAVE A BEEM STICKING OUT OF YOUR EYE. I have no mercy for the church,,,,,because all of you should know better,,,, No exsuse, Your suppose to be gulding the lambs,,,and you are just closing their herats to what is real, Mary

Religion is a very hard issue and ranks so high as with race. I believe that we all have our own personal views of things and being a good person involves learning, listening and experiencing things to enrich our lives. I don't feel that pushing my beliefs on someone is a good way to live. I think it justs shuts that person out if they are confused. We should all open up our minds and stand confident in our own beliefs, but also be aware that others are different.