My Flipped Up Relationship

when i met brandon, i did not like him, he annoyed me. he made me laugh when i was angry, which i hate! he also tried hard NOT to fit in, which i happen to love. he has curly brown hair, and huge arms, that envelope me with warmth. Me and brandon had known eachother for a while, but when i was in 6th and he in 7th we both made the middle school DI team (destination imagination, used to be odeysey of the mind) which he and i both loved, be both were really artistic and still are and we both loved to act, and still do. so we went to global competion our first time, which we were really excited about, and he and i were practically inseperable the whole time we were there (which was for a week) but we were only friends. we actually turned out placing in the top 10 which was a big deal and were really happy. by the time i was in 8th grade and he a freshman, we were starting to like eachother, then my freshmen year we became best friends, we did everything together, Drama, speech , OID and we had a blast, we both were addicated to eachother, both of us were outcasts, i had lost my best friend and his all went to other schools.we made eachother laugh, and since  had depression he would always cheer me up and vice a versa. i also confided in him when my very close friend died. and he unlike all the other people i knew actually listened. then at the end of my freshman year he asked me out and i readily said yes, so all summer we texted UNTIL my mom read one of my texts to him. The night before we had been asking eachother questions, and he had asked if i would have sex with him, my mom read that but she did not read the following texts, which mine had said NO!!!! and then he had said "good i am so happy, it means your not like my sister who slept with every guy who asked" ( his sister got pregnant when she was a junior, and did not know who the dad was, but she is actually one of the nicest people i know, and her daughter is sooooo cute) so in response to the texts my mom said to more texting him and she then checked the calling list for my phone online everyday. so i have not been able to even talk to him, but i desperatly miss him, and the thing i am worried about is that ill go back to my school for my junior year and he'll have a girlfriend, and he will have forgotten me, so i want to forget him, and im trying but i cant!. i want to move on, yet i dont, he is the first real boyfriend i have had but i am his seventh and that worries me. so in short all i want to do is not love him

xoxosami xoxosami
18-21, F
Jul 31, 2010