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I created the group I don't want to see your **** for a reason I wish people would read my stories before asking me questions I basically already stated my answer to whether or not I want to see your ****.I don't cam for a reason so why would I choose to just see your ****? It doesn't appeal to me or turn me on I get no pleasure for hearing about you wanking or seeing you jerk off on cam please respect my wishes if not I will ignore you or block/flag you especially if you are an old man.I am tired of things like this.That is one of the things I cannot stand is pedophiles you could be my grandfather or dad's age it is just uncomfortable...when older men talk to me about sex or even asks to see me nude on cam or forĀ  topless pictures.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Everybody should be this clear. Thank you! btw... don't look at my pics!