Save Me, Please...i'm Begging You.

I'm a good guy. My heart calls for somebody to love me. I crave it, I would do anything to have a girl who see's into my heart & soul. Please look into my heart and see the good in me, I promise it's there. Just stay awhile and I'll show you...

I'm not a creep, I'm not dangerous or dishonest. I'll give you my all and treat your heart with the utmost care.

Why do I want to leave this earth? Why am I so cold? Its like I was thrown over a bridge, sunk and forgotton.
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22-25, M
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Hang in there. You'll find that perfect person who understands you. It might be soon or it might be later. But you need to stick around to find out. Xx

Thanks Perfection, just a few kind words make all the difference :) I have to admit, I feel a bit better.

Oh you're welcome and that makes me so happy to hear that I helped you. Just stay strong. I promise she will come. And I know I'm not that perfect girl that you are waiting for but you can talk to me if you ever need anything or just need to vent. Xx

Thank you :) And hey, all I would ask of a future girlfriend/wife is total honesty & a hug when I feel blue :) I dont need perfection, just someone I make happy and loves me.

You're welcome and aww how sweet. She exists and you will find her. There should be more guys like you out there. Xx

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I hope you find someone good luck

Thank you Crystal :)