Breaking Bands

I stopped wearing a watch, because I always broke the wristband. Imagine getting in your car after work one day, to have your watch catch on the door handle when you close the door. It shattered everything, my watch fell into a few hundred peices. It was one of those with the springy metal wristband. It doesn't seem to matter though, leather bands, nylon bands, they all end up breaking, or the end where the band is connected to the face breaks. Just a matter of time.

My cell phone comes in handy though, not only does it tell time, it's got a flashlight built in, the only phone I've ever seen with one so far. Handy gadget.
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

It hurt when it broke on the car door. That was the last time I wore one on a regular basis, and that was ohh... over ten years ago.

same here, i stopped wearing my watch when the strap/wristband broke off...until now i just keep it in my pocket... :)