The Word "watch" Itself Is So Obsessive.

Never really have worn one. Occasionally a relative would get me some hip watch as a Christmas or Birthday gift and I would wear it awhie... But then i would catch it while taking off a backpack or on some random watch grabbing item ,which would result in breaking the band. I would never repair it right away. Save the pieces for years. Later managing to repair it but then lose or break it again within a few weeks time for good.

I am impeccably on time. And while i do reference my cell to see how close it may be until the bus comes, i don't pay a lot of attention to "time" per se. My small painting and remodeling business "Johnny's Cutthroat Construction" went by the motto, "We'll take Our Time.... & Your Money."
johnnybliss johnnybliss
41-45, M
Jul 21, 2010