It's Always Now O'clock...

I am always where I need to be at any given time. Don't need no watch to make that happen...
Frankly; it's always felt unnatural, and an irritance - like a bottle ring 'round a seagulls' neck.
No - I've tried, and yet to wear a watch just outright bothers me.
Never really needed one anyhow.

My timepiece is circadian. Pure and simple.
I can not boast that I even cast my eye to glance at the sun, or any other clever observations as that.
My situation has simply been that when I need to know the time specifically, I have it!
Lets say I have a special appointment tomorrow, and I need to be out of bed by 5am. Lo and behold, I'm bound to wake at 4:55.
It just happens that way.
Or if I'm in the workshop, and I need to meet someone this afternoon,..I suddenly hear myself quietly inside: "Now. Tools down,'s time".
And I'm never late...

I can't really explain how I tell the time, except to offer it as an intuitive mechanism that serves me better than any of the finest of Swiss clockworks.
I don't wear a watch. One: it feels bothersome. And two: it's simply an non-essential adornment.
JeremiahJohnson JeremiahJohnson
31-35, M
1 Response Nov 21, 2010

That is remarkable. I don't wear a watch either and often wake up right before the alarm goes off. But then I go back to sleep.