Watches Stop Working When I Wear Them

I tried to be a watch wearer but I'm a non watch-wearer by destiny? circumstance? I've seen smoe pretty sexy watches, and I actually like the idea of a watch, but watches seem to stop working when i put them on. I bought an expensive one a while back and it went breserk. i'm watch possessed adn now accepting of my earned membership with the watchless. Joining the timeless ,,,
dyslecix dyslecix
46-50, M
1 Response Jul 20, 2011

One simple reason Watches of all kinds stop is that people tend to wear them too tightly. A watch is a very delicate mechanism and a wrist is very mobile. Even a slight over tight watch band will cause a small distortion in the watch case which may be sufficient to stop the watch. Putting a plaster on the back of the watch can have the effect of acting as flexible buffer which would prevent or reduce distortion.