A Friend Of Mine

A complete friend of mine did some crazy **** that i couldn't believe so i filmed it and i post it on youtube. "what is this you asked?" it was a complete daring thing my friend did....setting flying squirrels on fire, and throwing them at some hateful peoples houses and they flew into really expensive furniture burning the ******* place down. Those goofs charged my friend because of their intolerable actions! But go ahead and call the cops i don't give a ****!  This is just a prank fools and you deserve justice. If your dog ***** on my lawn again I'll set your mother on fire! Hope those hoes choke on something now, and their pimps!  A pimp named Tyler a midget pimp and a hoe named Lee-lou. Lee-lou ****** **** up by sending bacon to a vegan school

In any case it's all chill as ****
JeanRuss JeanRuss
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 27, 2012