I Can't Wear a Watch

I'm one of those strange people who can't wear a watch on a regular basis because after awhile (usually about a year) they start to run backwards on me!  Don't ask me why.  Digital watches work ok, but I don't like them.  The only times I wear a watch are when I'm firing my kiln or when I really have to.  Plus I'm allergic to the metal backs.

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My husband used to wear watches but ever since he was electrocuted at work, the watches stop working after about an hour of being on and start back up about 30 minutes after he takes them off. Must have messed up his electrical pulse or something.

I have the same issue. I used to try to wear a watch. After a week it was an hour slow and battery would only last about 3 months and then it would be dead completely. The store would test the battery and there would be no power at all left. They said that most watch batteries have some power left in them even if they won't run.I also make my car clock slow. My cell phone won't stay charged. My house clocks don't keep time. Sometimes my car wont start.

Wow! I think you must be a walking magnetic field!

If I wear regular watches they will keep good time for up to a maximum of 3 weeks. Then they will never work again, even if the battery is changed. My mother tells m that my grandfather also had this problem. As a girl I tried a wind-up wristwatch, and that lasted longer than the others but then I had to wind it up sooner and sooner until it became annoying. A watch around my neck didn't work. Pocket watches also failed me. I would like scientific explanations for some things, but perhaps none can be found because some of these things haven't been or can't be seriously studied. I have noticed in trying to find out more about this online that "witching" for water comes up as a topic often enough. A man from our church had us "witching" for water one time. He said it was with a particular kind of young branch from a tree; I forget the name. However I will not forget that it "worked" —I don't know if there was water, but the part where the little forked twig was joined moved downward. I had no intention nor did I perceive there was any intention for this to be in any way an occult gesture. However, my cousin got freaked out and thought it must have something to do with the devil and he left because he could tell I was not faking my excitement. I have never dug down to see if there was, in fact, water beneath me. As for finding a watch to wear; that problem has since been solved. I now have a special watch made for electricians. It works well and I have had it for several years now and it has never quit on me. When I touch the door after I get out of the car (yes, fabric seats) as well as other metal ob<x>jects I also experience painful shocks quite often enough if I am not careful. I would like to know what that "witching" for water was about, too, but I am skeptical about devil worship or that I possess any special "powers" of my own ba<x>sed on my own experience. Sometimes when I pass street lights, etc, they will go out. It seems to happen often enough but it could be that I just pay attention more since I read about that happening to others. I think it happens to everybody. Whatever it is, I do know the problem must have something to do with electricity because of the fact that my new watch works. I know that God exists and that humans may have had greater powers of mind and body before sin entered this world, but God is a friend of science and not an enemy. It is only that some things cannot be explained. However I still wish there was reasonable, sound-minded interest in this topic so I could find something decent to read about it since I'm curious. Oh well. It bothers me that so many people think it is a complete lie that I can't wear a watch, or that others think that this is a sign they should try to explore their "powers" in some rather dangerous ways. The devil does exist, and so does God. A little mystery is good to life. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, everyone is different, truth is stranger than fiction. As I said, the electrician's watch works in case anyone needs one!

I have never had a watch run in the opposite direction. I don't know anything about that.

i am looking for the "diagnosis name" for people who cant wear watches. does any body know what the syndrome is titles as???<br />
I found it online a few months ago and can not locate it or remember the name, please help!

It doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. Why do you need a label? People are so adamant about labelling everything these days...

You may be what is referred to as a Gremlin in the information tech world. This means that your personal electromagnetic field is really high and can cause issues with electronics around you. One simple thing that you can try to even out your em field is wear magnetic hematite.

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I like the Baby G wristwatch I got. Made for electricians. It works well with me; I am one of those people who can't otherwise wear a regular watch.

Cool delima. I wear a watch, but as most right handed people wear their watch on their left hand, I wear mine on my right. Not sure why, just always have. It feels weird to wear it on the left hand.

I have to confess after joining the group I felt silly and went and got my watch from the cupboard put it on then I just decided no I dont like it.<br />
<br />
My phones tell me the time anyway........

After not wearing a watch for some time because I can't, I don't particularly like the feel of wearing one, either, and so this is what I usually do. However it is often useful to have one in any sort of medical profession.

the only time I wear a watch is when firing too, during raku. I got my watch from a cereal box, it is quite fitting. run backwards though that'strange but interesting.

Me too!

I think I will google it to see!

Battery or wind-up, if it's got hands that go round and round, eventually they are going to go round and round in the wrong direction on me.<BR>Datura, your comment suggests that it may be hereditary. It's fascinating, isn't it? I wonder if any studies have been done on this.

A mechanical watch will not keep time when I wear it but a battery watch will. My father was the same way. My jeweler also said he has seen this many times.

Yes, ns5, it's a true story. One jeweller told me that it can happen if a person is exposed to a powerful magnetic field. Don't ask me how that would work. I'm beginning to think I AM the magnetic field!

there is group for people who can't wear watches, make lightbulbs blow, and have generally odd effects on electrical equipment. It's on Facebook so you have to be a member and there are so many genuine people and stories on there you might like to join and share your experiences with us :) The group is called SLIders. If you are a member you can follow this link:<br />
<br />

Such an interesting problem.

mine just break within twentyfour hours.