The Forgotten Timepiece

Date: January 28, 2012
Place: A popular restaurant in suburban Mumbai
Time: Around 6.30pm
Atmosphere: Romantic
Characters: I and a girl (who later earned the privilege of marrying me)

“Nice watch.”

“Thanks. My dad gifted this to me on my last birthday.”
The girl was staring at my wrist as she said the above. I rolled over my sleeves to reveal that I was not wearing any watch.
“You didn’t wear a watch today?” she questioned.
“No. In fact, I don’t wear a watch at all,” I dropped a potential bomb. And, unfortunately, it turned out to be one.
“Why?” she was as shocked as if she had just learnt that I am gay.
“I don’t need it. There are so many sources of finding out the time that one need not wear a watch any more. It’s an outdated gadget,” I explained my radical extremist fanatical thinking.
The girl was far from convinced with my explanation. Not that she thought I was insane. She went on to marry me after a month or so.
Coming back to my radical extremist fanatical thinking of not wearing a watch, I think the day mobile phones were invented, watches lost their utility. I can check the time in my cell phone whenever I want. If I am watching TV, I can know what time it is as most news channels carry a clock on some part of the screen. My computer displays the time, my bike does it and so does my wall clock. Shops alongside the footpath have clocks, railway stations have clocks, airports have clocks, and if all these options are not available, I can simply ask someone the time.
It’s now more than seven years since I stopped wearing a watch. And I have not missed it a bit. My wife has made umpteen attempts to make me wear a watch. She gifted me one last month, and I have since been taking great care of it – it’s lying in my drawer, enjoying darkness and occasional light. My father-in-law tried gifting me one. I explained to him my radical extremist fanatical thinking, and he then gifted me a book titled How to Behave Rationally.
To my fans world over, who are reading this blogpost and marveling over my marvelous thoughts: Let me know if you think wearing a watch is necessary in today’s world. If more people reply with ‘yes’, I promise to read the book my father-in-law gifted me.
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4 Responses Jul 5, 2012

a watch doesn't need to be just a thing to tell time. a proper watch can be a mechanical work of art that can leave you mystified on how all its part can work in harmony. now days a watch is old world technology reinvented into modern art. i mean if i just wore a watch to tell time there are far better and cheaper options then a Vacheron Constantin quai de l'ile, if all i really wanted was the time: but then telling the time is not the only reason i wear a watch, i admire them as one would marvel at a picasso or van gogh.

oh by the way, you also had the "privilege" of marrying her as well as she marrying you.. lolol ..

You wrote this story on my grandaughter's birthday :) I enjoy your sense of humor. I do not wear a watch since i have had my cell phone. I also use the many sources of time you mentioned. The info button on my remote control for tv provides me with the day and time and is very convenient. Love that phrase you created about "radical extremist fanatical thinking," and i wonder if your father-in-law's gifted book has been read yet? lolololl .. I also prefer and enjoy original thinking. Rational is all in the eyes of the beholder :)

As a primary school teacher, I need to wear a watch, to time how long children have been on detention, to know when it is time for recess (as our bell system is aligned to the secondary part of the school and break times are different), and because we are not allowed to be seen using mobile phones while on duty.