Tempus Fugit!

Time, now there is a concept! Does it exist escept on Earth. Lunar months, solar days, astral years, and what does it all mean?

Time is the truth of thought. Each thought we have takes a millisecond to arrive in our brains, our consciousness, and a millisecond to depart. Thes aspects are so fleeting! Time rushes by, we notice it sometimes, other times it escapes from us.

I remember once there was a delay on the train I was on between Perpignan and Collioure. I was with two friends and we were going to the beach. Oh, yes there are closer beaches but we like Collioure. We were going to meet other friends but there was a problem on the track of something, and we stopped between stations for maybe ten minutes.

I was with Joan-Luis and his sister Elena, we were going to meet my boyfriend (at the time) Guilhem and another friend from school, Pierre-Vincent (there are a number of Pierres at school - Pierre-Vincent, Pierre-Henri, even a Pierre-Alexandre and a Pierre-Hippolyte!). They had been out working for a grapes grower in Banyuls.

I was wearing a long tee shirt, boat-necked, but it's hem was long, so it was like a minidress of sorts. I had a small bag in which I had pareu and bikini bra, a bottle of water, and my purse. We were talking, sitting in an open carriage, all the windows were open because it was a hot day to be stuck in a train.

There were other people on the train, including two older men who sat near us. I was thinking about time, and Joan-Luis was watching the people on the train. He later told me, that my tee shirt had offered me almost no cover when I sat down with my knees slighlt apart, and he knew the two older men must have been looking at my vulva, as he was!

Time, huh!
Anuledroan Anuledroan
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013