Cant Wear One

I have a thing about being on time,If I am just five minutes late,my blood pressure actually goes up.So I decided to not wear one so I cant stress out as much,and it is working so far.
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I have worn one a couple of times, for a few months, then usually it gets busted up against something, or if i wear it on the inside of the wrist, i scar it up holding things at work. i gave up. no sense in it. as for being late, i don't get frustrated by it, and i am late for everything. by now, people just expect it of me,and that's ok with me.<br />
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can't start something till you get there, and so many people get there early and stand around gabbing till long after the time they were due, so what is the loss? none.<br />
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computer clocks, car clocks, digital radios with clocks, they are all around us, why carry a spare one. even the phones have a clock built in most of the ones i have seen ,that is. i don't own a cell phone, either, but that is another matter.

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I hate wearing watches as well. I really do not want to know the time because it reminds me of all the things I still have to do that aren't done. Now, I've been like this since I was 12, every year without fail my mother buys me a watch. And she wonders why we don't have a good relationship?