Once, Upon the Time?

I used to be quite fond of my very daggy digital watches, with their hand stopwatch functions. Then I entered a phase of losing them, and not too long after that the mobile phone emerged.

These days, watches are almost redundant apart from as jewelry. If I want to know the time I can check:
  • Mobile phone
  • Pager
  • PDA
  • Laptop
  • Any number of electronic devices that display the time on standby
  • The televisions information display
  • The receipt for the item that I just bought
  • Car clock
  • Internal body clock (which is rarely ever *too* far out)
  • And so on!
  • TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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    8 Responses Jun 11, 2007

    I carried a pocket watch for a while, a cheap thing i got at a chain store. in class one day, a very hyper teacher who worked in a security field got all upset and circled the room till he found the source of the ticking, went on how it sounded like a bomb....<br />
    <br />
    i think he was the one wound a little tight, actually.

    yeah, my internal clock is non-existent

    i don't have anything even approaching an internal clock.

    So true. Except I can rarely depend on my internal clock. My Circadian rhythms are WAY off.

    Lol emerald.

    Haha! Dodo you crack me up with every story I read that you wrote! You need to message me more often!!

    That's hysterical, Cmost! I thought I was the only person in the medical field that didn't wear a watch!! And my main responsibility is to take vitals. I personally rely on my Viagra wall clock in my work-up room! lol. One time the clock battery started running down, and it was 2 hours behind. A patient commented about the time being wrong, to which I replied: Yes, isn't it funny? My Viagra clock can't KEEP UP??!!

    I do not wear a watch either which I really should since I am in the Medical Field and it's good to have one when taking vitals. I have never liked any kind of jewelry that fits on to the wrists. I don't like wearing bracelets either.