I Do Not Wear a Watch

i do not wear a watch, and I take delight in the fact that the recommended music for this group is Time by Pink Floyd :)

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Haha, I just found out Amerigo Vespucci isn't a made-up name.

They had it in New Zealand.

They have it in Japan too, I think. I either remember seeing it in the TV guide in my hotel room, or seeing it here.

I've never found a dead hooker. Maybe I should have it as a goal for myself. Kinda morbid. Would be interesting though. And would probably give me some scars for on the inside. I'm sort of collecting happenings, events, memories. I keep them because I always think I'll write a book and any one could be the one I need. Finding a dead hooker would sure be removed from anything I've done in life thus far.

Good Will Hunting was a nice movie. We studied it one time at school. I like it. I too reckon Robin Williams would be a good father figure. He was a pretty crazy good father in Mrs Doubtfire. Yeah he's a bit hairy but he probably just got asked for money by a few too many hobos while he was on vacation. Yeah, I read that caption.

I never spoke to anyone directly who got a bumper-sticker-raise. That's pretty similar to the time my Business Studies Teacher saw me in his church and raised my grade on an assignment right then and there.

Also Bonnaroo sounds like a made-up place. You coulda made it up right out of thin air and I'd never know the difference. Unless I used my lucky Google hit up on it. Which I haven't. I'm saving it.

lol, well I know it couldn't really have been your mother. She had an accent from the Appalachian states somewhere. Probably lives in Bonnaroo.

it's counterintuitive but we actually get bonuses in America for adeptness at mother insults. On my job application it had a spot to list my automobile and I listed it as "the one with the 'My Other Ride Is Your Mom' bumpersticker" and was given an immediate 12% raise. We're a spiteful bunch.

I wish the real world was more like Good Will Hunting. I'd already have my own beautiful British woman despite driving her insane and sending her across the country. And chasing her. Plus Robin Williams would be a good father figure, I think. Quite a bit on the hairy side but that's what fathers are for. I've also always wanted to turn my back on Ben Affleck.

Do they have Law and Order on television over there?

Life is always more interesting when you're constantly finding dead hookers.

Maybe thats just an American thing too...

Boston looked nice in Good Will Hunting. I hate to keep bringing up movies like a bad curry, but they're really all I know of America. & TV and books etc.. but mainly films.

Oi . . you just insulted my mother. I think.

Let me check.

Yep. I'm pretty sure calling some one's mother masculine is an insult.

I'm not sure how to take that. Maybe it's an American form of endearment. The movies never prepared me for this, Mickey Rourke.

There's a latitude wage difference in Germany. The East (former GDR) earns less than the West. The Wall is the reason for this, but I don't know any reason for it in America except maybe you'd earn more if you insulted people's mothers a bit less,

not sure.

Or it could be the seasons thing. Seasons are covetable.

haha. Well she was a pretty lady. Just a bit loud and her voice was a tad bit on the masculine side.

I would love to live in Boston but I can barely afford Florida. For some reason in the states it seems like wages are fairly consistent across latitude but going north and south is a huge difference. The farther north, the more expensive. Well, I suppose the west coast is expensive too so maybe my rule isn't true anyway.

Boston is beautiful. Supposedly our most European city although I've barely been around enough to give a fair yay or nay on that. It's gorgeous though, with real seasons.

Guess I'm lucky then. Now would probably be a good time for me to click that "I'm feeling lucky" button on Google. I've waited a long time for this.

Don't know what to search though.

People who run a bit warm should probably live in cold places. Completely up to you though. Was just an idea I had.

I wasn't born in a hospital. Mum was a bit hippy. Actually come to think of it, she was probably the one enforcing the trip-police rule at The Dead. I always hated that moo-moo.

Haha. The southern United States. The phallic bit on the bottom right called Florida. Home to Disney World and ... Retirement Homes. This is a good place to die but a rather boring place to live. The climate is good for old joints and shuffleboard. If you don't know what that is ... you're lucky.

It's hot most of the year and i've always run a bit warm so I'm uncomfortable here 80% of the time. I've lived within twelve squrare miles (um... 30 sq. KM) my entire life. At one point I actually lived across from the hospital where I was born... I could see it from my apartment window. It was profoundly depressing.

Cruel? No, sorry. Was it something I said? Was it my use of the word "ya"? I wanted to know How DID you pick it up?

Europe is exciting. A Chesterfield is a ridiculous name for a sofa, but no more ridiculous than the word sofa I guess. The word sofa comes from India, I don't think many people know that./care. Here, that thing is called a Coutsch.

I don't really think I am here yet. I think it's gonna take some time to sink in. I've been here nearly two weeks. It's not that long at all really, it just feels like a dream and a significant part of me still thinks I'll wake up and be at Dad's house.

Sherr Are you in Northern Americus or Southern America?

Damn, Watson. No need to be cruel. I didnt even have my deerskin cap on yet.

Europe seems exciting.

I'm hoping to get back to Canada sometime this year for a week or two. I have relatives who don't talk to me much but maybe they could lend me a Chesterfield. Which is... for some reason... Canadian for couch or sofa. I have no idea why...

Yeah Sherlock, how'd ya pick that up? It is a bit of a jump. With 12 hours time difference I don't think I can be in a more removed time zone. See now I've got going I can't stop waxing on about time. I should be listening to Pink Floyd. Or Tina Turner, either will do.

You know, people ask me that, they do, why I came here. It was an impulse really. I wanted change, and any country would really do. The only thing savage is the temperature. It's a drop of at least 30 degrees (That's Celsius, by the way). I picked this one because someone offered me a place to stay with them for 6 months, and took much hassle out of things for me. And I get to learn a language. Of course when people here ask I lie. I say I've always wanted to come here, and I sort of have but that's not my motivation. But really I kind of feel like I rolled a dice and landed here. I fit in though. I'm only staying here for half a year, and then I'm going somewhere else in Europe. An Adventure, yeah, that's why I'm here.

I'd like to say hi to Canada. I think I have family there. Well, I used to. They might still be alive.

Well thats one thing the former Axis Powers take seriously: trains running on time, damn it. How is Germany? You were originally from New Zealand? That's quite the jump!

What was the reason for that move? They seem like savagely different places. Of course, I wouldn't know first hand. I'm American and have little culture to call my own and haven't gone out of country much and only to Canada. Which is... hardly a foreign nation. It's basically the same consumer culture only with more potsmoke and anti-American sentiment than even America has.

Amerigo Vespucci

Tivo? That's Tina Turner's childhood nickname right.

Seems as good a reason as any to keep time, I guess. I don't have Tivo here but there's Sky... that performs the same function I think - recording TV shows. Yeah I've heard of Tivo from movies.

I've recently moved to a country where being on time is considered pretty important - the Germans take lateness as a terrible sign of rudeness. I'm used to being lax around time and it was a bit of culture shock.... and I found myself wanting a watch, for the first time since I was small and telling the time was exciting. Well, learning to understand the time told to me in Deutsch was exciting: when they say Half Seven they don't mean Half Past Seven, oh no, they mean Half To Seven. 6.30, to put it another way.

Does this watch-wanting make my story obsolete? Nehh, don't think so, since I still don't wear one, and my timekeeping has only marginally improved.

Yeah it's fun if you can get a good one that goes along with what you're saying or is so horribly opposite of it. It seems to make my Wikipedia'ing habit worse, though.

"The universe is a tough place where wimps eat flaming plasma death."

Lucy Lawless

It's entertaining, Johnny Appleseed.

Nah, it's not actually Tina Turner. I've developed a horrible habit of signing messages with random or obscure names.

It's CeleryStalk3000's fault.

Yeah, I can dig all the philosophical aspects of what you're saying but it would make our Tivo inoperable. We simply can't allow good television to go unrecorded.

Is that a Tina Turner quote? I like it anyway.

I think that keeping time is artificial and makes us out of sync. With ourselves, with each other, with nature.

Keeping time doesn't really do anything but control us, as far as I can see, it's pretty much...

...well, it's fascist.

I'm also Anti-Watch. I don't like to know exactly when it is aside from the all important "am I late for work?" and "****, shouldn't I have left work yet?"

Time is a great song. You run and you run to catch up with the sun but its gone. Racing around to come up behind you again. I'm not even remotely old and I feel like that's all I do anymore!

Maybe I should start smoking pot again.

Tina Turner