Never Wear One, But Am Obsessed With Time!

i always need to keep track of time, and when i do things i will decide at exactly what time i will do them, so i check the time every few minutes, just to make sure i don't time it wrong, even if i'm not doing anything, bad habit, but i on't wear a watch, there jut anoying so i use my mobile instead and it never leaves my side, it goes next to my bed at night, in my pocket when i'm out and about, on the windowsill in the bathroom when i'm in the shower, and it never gets turned off ever. i think over the last year, i've let it go dead once, and i had to charge it back up as soon as i possibly could, which i think was within a few minutes of it going dead, and this is just so that i can have the time, i don't really use it for anything else lol.
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18-21, F
1 Response Aug 14, 2007

I used to wear a watch all the time and then when it quit working I would wear it anyway cuz I was so used to it.